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J L Chave Hermitage 2016


Good spot! We’ve lifted this restriction now the email has been sent to all the members we’d planned to contact about this, and as there’s still stock left (and everyone’s had a fair chance to order), we’ve allowed members to purchase more than three bottles if they’d prefer.


It would have to be a ****** wine from JLL for me to even consider at this price. The 2015 is. This only gets **** (*).

Better “value” and probably similar quality with the likes of La Chapelle or Sorrel Gréal.


I only got an email at 14:02 :thinking:


14.02 as well. I had seen it on the thread before that all of which is irrelevant anyway. Roll back 365 days and it would have been another story.


And I haven’t had one at all. Clearly 1 day is long enough for literally every member to decide if they can afford this and get their cash together. Getting a bit less impressed with this.


As I suggested why not allocate these wines as done with EP? How come other premium Rhone wines are sold in that way but Chave is first come first serve?

Members who are on night shift, travelling etc will miss out.

#ChaveGate2016 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I bought 3 of the red. Reasonably ok with the approach this time, although would prefer as always en primeur treatment at closer to release prices.

Not particularly happy that I didn’t get an email though.


Supposedly 64 cases remain in stock as I type…


I think with the limitation lifted it is only a question of days before it is gone. Odd that it was only limited until the email went out. I think there was only one email to people who bought Chave before (this is only a guess).


I got the email in the 14.02 batch but have not bought any Chave before.

I suspect there may be an algorithm that determines who gets the emails and when.

Runs away and quickly ducks for cover as algorithmgate starts again :wink:


I think we answered this last year, as it happens - we don’t do it EP but that’s because (aside from last year’s major blip) we don’t usually need to restrict sale on this wine for stock/fair allocation reasons, as proven by the fact we still have previous vintages in stock. We still have plenty of the 2016 too, as mentioned by an eagle-eyed member above.

I definitely answered this one last year too so I won’t go into a long explanation if that’s okay - we send emails in batches, and target them specifically, and do our very best to be as fair as we can to all. It’s not an exact science, and we did limit sale to 3 per member during the initial email sends as a learning from last year, so we do listen to members’ views!
Have a read of this for an explanation about why we need to target emails/why we can’t email all 140,000 active members etc, if you’re interested. :slight_smile: Hope that helps!

That said, we still have plenty of stock left, so there’s still plenty of time to order anyway!

Essentially, that’s true of all our emails… :wink: Sorry we can’t really foresee that (although we did restrict sales as the emails were sent out to limit the speed of sales and give everyone a better chance) - we can’t do that indefinitely though, and sometimes, an element of luck has to be involved re: travelling/not checking emails etc. But the targeting I mentioned above does limit disappointment where possible.

I’m away for the weekend now, but if you have any further feedback or questions please do let Member Services know as they’re open 9-5 tomorrow. :slight_smile:


If you can’t email all members why not put it out on Twitter?

Obviously not all members are on there but it’s a fairer way to announce such things. Especially if it’s a strategy going forward so members that want to be aware of limited offers get notified simultaneously.

Unfortunately “batches” of emails suggests some members are prioritised above others. There are no tiers of membership at present.


We didn’t schedule it on social media because of what happened last year - I didn’t want to cause any unnecessary disappointment if it was going to sell fast (even with the bottle restriction). We have to consider this kind of thing when we plan our social media calendar, as I’m sure you can appreciate.
We could potentially post about it now, though, so fair point! :slight_smile: (I’ve been in meetings all day, unfortunately, so couldn’t alter our planned schedule…)

I’ll need to grab some artwork etc - I’ll do it on Monday if there’s still stock left.

Again, we did answer this last year - I really urge you to read the link above for answers to questions about how we make email targeting as fair as possible, and why it’s so crucial to providing the best service possible to our members. There’s lots of stuff online about this too - it’s not always as simple as it might seem, and we’ve been trying to perfect it for years!

One thing I can assure you of is all your comments are taken on board, and you can see from the way we’ve done things differently this year that we don’t just listen, we act to improve things whenever we can. The unfortunate reality is that it’s impossible to be 100% fair to 100% of members 100% of the time - there literally isn’t enough wine to go around. We work hard to be as close as possible, and we take it incredibly seriously.

Right, I really do have to dash away for the weekend now (I’ve made Mr Laura late for pizza :scream: ), but I’ll check back on Monday! :smiley:


OK, so put it on allocation them.

Means there is time to decide to order and a fairer way of distribution among members.


The problem there is that it is impractical to run a business where different products are sold in different ways. EP must be done that way but to have some wines sold first come first served and some by allocation would make a logistical nightmare.

TWS is a big business not a little local wine dealer and whilst we get a lot of benefits from that size there are inevitably some down sides as well.


Personally, i cant see the point of doing anything different here. 2015 was probably a slight outlier due to the strength of the vintage. Effort has been made to prevent it happening again, and there is plenty left. Price rise not surprising due to low volume. I can’t afford it anyway so will live vicariously through anyone who does pick some up :grin:


"If you can’t email all members why not put it out on Twitter?

Obviously not all members are on there but it’s a fairer way to announce such things. Especially if it’s a strategy going forward so members that want to be aware of limited offers get notified simultaneously."

Given that not all members are on Twitter, I can’t understand how this would be any fairer. As I understand the email system you might sometimes be near the head of the queue, other times not. But if you were not on Twitter you would never be amongst the first to know. That doesn’t seem very fair to me, though I may have misunderstood something.


I can feel the Chave Hermitage argument rearing it’s head again! I think old wounds are still present from last year! TWS have done it better than last year so good on them. Just wish I could afford it and then have the patience to wait 20 years


A local wine shop tends not to have all it’s customers owning an equal share of the business.


Still don’t understand why I don’t ever get these emails