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Last wine


Having given this due thought I’d rather pestilence, famine or war didn’t come a-knockin’. Death calling is inevitable though, so, would you kindly text me four hours before arrival so I can open this ( no need to bring a bottle )…

…,and I’ll crack open a bottle of the 2012 to go with it. Should you fancy a game of chess I’m more then happy to play and, no doubt, lose.


How about the latest vintage of Latour, but drink it when it’s mature!!


I would second this! Drank 1998 for 40th birthday, recently 2004 for 50th. Nectar!!


Thanks to everyone. I havn’t done the numbers, seems like Whites instead of Red, pricey is the way to go ! Just as well ‘War’ has deep pockets.

Actually I wasnt looking for your final wine before falling off the perch - more the glass of wine with which you would face the Apocalypse with equanimity. But who is going to discuss semantics at such a time.

Playing chess against the 4 riders of the Apocalypse is admirable! that’s the spirit.


I wouldnt want to drink any wine. When facing death I would wamt to be as awake as possible to see what happens. If i am to meet Christ He can supply the wine. Afterall he turned water into wine. It might do me more good if I gave the money i saved on the wine to the Poor.