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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


Shared a bottle of the Pillitteri Cabernet Sauvignon Ice Wine last Sunday: delicious.


You’ve peaked too soon @Inbar, go back in mid January and you’ll get the ice wine half price :wink:! Every single year :rofl:


Not in Luton: we must buy it all before Christmas.


Yep, picked up a bottle of cab sauv ice wine as described by @peterm above for a princely sum of £3.99 on the bin end table a while ago.


I’m clearly new to this game!! :smiley:


Now at a bargain price on Amazon
Picked myself up a 6 pack


I also picked up a couple of bottles of this over the weekend.

I had a bottle of Austrian Riesling Icewine a few months ago. It was gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing how this compares.


Ooh! thanks for the tip, @winechief! :+1:

Still haven’t opened my De Bortoli one, but looking forward to enjoying it at some point over the Christmas period. Will have a look at the Lehmann one too! :wink:


Took a trip to get the winter range a couple of weeks ago. @inbar somehow I managed to pick up the vidal rather than the riesling! :see_no_evil: I did have both last year and hugely preferred the riesling but i’ll taje the reduced tip for January to get the correct bottle! :joy:

  • The 2013 Montalcino riserva was delicious - Very perfumed after a 2 hour decant, sour cherry city!
  • The listrac medoc was dire - Absolutely nothing to it
  • We also got the Grand Cru Pinot Gris which was the first actual Pinot Gris I liked…sat somewhere between a typical alsace riesling and a gewurz. Absolutely delicious.

We’ve still got a few two open including the Rasteau.


Oh! I eyed this one - but as our accumulated wine-related expenses were already beyond the £100 mark (I stocked up for a coming party), and somehow I managed to convince the hubby that we really do need the Margaux and the Icewine - I didn’t go for it.
Wonder if there will be some left in January…?! :thinking:


@inbar - It was about £9

It didn’t jump out of the glass immediately but 30 mins after I came back to it (whilst I was cooking and xmas decorating simultaneously) it really opened up!


I had this at the weekend. It smelled of pineapple weed. I agree it was very tasty.


I just drank last year’s Vidal, and it was better than I remembered it, so you may be all right (I bought another, which I wasn’t expecting to).


Is this the official street term…? :wink:


It’s that little plant that grows on pavements.


Life is just one long school! :+1:

I shall be sniffing the pavements now, for a PG simulation!



Ah yes! I recognise it now! And it does have a very distinctive smell.


Apparently it is edible…


I think I had it at l’enclume! They made some sort of jelly out of it!