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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain



I don’t know about pineapple weed but his coal oil is to die for!


That’s pretty much what I would expect, though not necessarily in the same way. What on earth does it taste like???


Although not Lidl but a bargain (range) at £6 from Morrisons, the halves of Morrisons branded sherries from Lustau. The Palo Cortado (could not find a link, but looks similar to the PX and costs the same) came highly recommended on jancisrobinson.com, and while at it I also bought the PX with the potted stilton recipe, mentioned here, in mind. Opened the PX for a sneak preview yesterday and I was very pleased how tasty sweet it is.

Weekday Drinking Thread [10 to 13 December 2018]

I am down there tomorrow and will have a look.
Lustau are really working hard at promoting themselves at the moment, their sherries either as own labels or special blends as well as their own labels are in a lot of outlets and they are all good, it really is an example of what tremendous value top sherry is.
Morrisons own Fino at £6 is terrific for the price and is often recommended as the best in its class.


I bought the Oloroso, PC and PX last year. The PX was a bit too sweet for me (preferring my usual sweet wines instead) but the Oloroso and PC are sublime.

I’ve also just bought the £9 version from M&S as well.

I do love a glass of O and a mince Pie (or 6).


I love the M&S Palo Cortado and buy it regularly! Such a complex sherry! :heart_eyes:


I think I’ll go back for the Oloroso…


Oh I would - its a belter.


Morrison’s PX Sherry with decent vanilla ice cream is probably the best food and wine pairing out there. But that’s probably for another thread…


Not Lidl but the M&s chapel down Brut has been reduced to £16. I got the last two bottles in Tolworth.


Just returned home with a half bottle of Canadian Eiswein from Lidl. Made by Pilliteri winery from the Vidal grape, one I had not heard of but see is a hybrid of the Ugni Blanc. It cost £14 (well a penny short) which I thought good value for an eiswein, having seen the price of them in Germany. Has anyone tried this?


I bought a couple of bottles of the Riesling rather than the Vidal and opened one over Xmas. Whilst not a patch on the Willi Schaefer Riesling that I also enjoyed recently it was very drinkable and excellent value for money.

I’d definitely buy it again. I think the riesling eiswein was about £16.


I also got the Riesling one, just before Christmas - but am yet to open it. Both got good reviews in Decanter, if that means anything…



@JayKay Yes, Lidl have been selling the Pillitteri Ice Wine off and on since 2017, price has been going up a bit from £14.99 but it’s still an excellent bargain and no more and probably cheaper than in Ontario

Lidl have had as well as Vidal, Riesling, and Cabernet Sauvignon icewines - the last being a beautul pink colour.

Although Vidal is a hybrid it is awarded honourary Vinifera status in Ontario hance its qualified to use the VQA logo.

I understand the winters have been mild recently in Ontario so if you like it, grab it while you can. For icewine in Ontario the temperature must be no higher than -8C for 3 consecutive 24 hour periods before picking is allowed.


Popped in to my local Lidl today and bizarrely they’ve got boxes and boxes of bottles of Rheine Spatlese for about a fiver! I imagine it’s probably horrible, but asking here just in case anyone has tried it?


I had this and was very pleasantly surprised. I was hoping they’d reduce the price of the riesling to shift it and then they sold out so I never got hold of a bottle. Had it last year and it was excellent. The Vidal was very good though…wonderfully marmaladey and delicious.

I did get a fleurie and spatburgunder half price in their clearance bin too!

P.s. The cabernet eiswein was THE most disappointing wine ever from Lidl. There Luna cabernet on the other hand is a thing of sheer wonder for the money!


Thanks. Still haven’t tried it yet so will look forward to it. And thanks for warre the Cab Sauvignon.


Get it while you can :+1::+1::+1::wink:


I drank the 2013 vintage over the weekend - it was excellent and they age well. Unbelievable deal!!