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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


Thanks for the heads up Leah, I will get myself down to lidl first thing in the morning. A good excuse to ge a pastry for breakfast :smiley:


I always find they reduce them down from about £14.99 to £7.99 and then eventually this !! I’ve cleared the shelf :wink:


Unfortunately there was no Vidal on sale but I did pick up a couple of bottle of the 2013 Potensac for £12, not a great vintage but I’m sure with some time in bottle a decent price for good claret. They seem to have random bottles appear every now and again, Thursdays seem to be the day random things are on the shelves


@Fraserbear - Good price! BBR have 2014 at £25 and 2011 at £27


Tried two shops today and brussels :-1: Just realised my big mistake following @JamesF post. Maybe thats why the guy in Lidl thought I had lost it. :crazy_face:


my first visit to a Lidl…rooky error…this shop opened since Christmas and I’m assuming this was a festive line ?


its only an assumption…and I regauraly make and assumption of myself !


Had another read of the read and I think they were available yesterday, presumably stock left from Christmas reduced to clear.



Nearest Lidl is in Luton, so I took bus there (50 mins each way) and there was no sign of them, or even the claret that @Fraserbear managed to bag.

That Pillitteri ice wine is lovely stuff, even at the £14.99 I bought it at in January (and at £14.99 it must be cheaper than the winery sells it at, ’ cos ice wine is mega expensive in Ontario.)

Those that got it at £3.99 - well done! But it’s a special occasion wine even tho’ you paid peanuts.


Feudi di San Gregorio Albente Falanghina £7.99, listed at about £11 elsewhere. Good producer, worth having a look for.



I’ve been looking for a while for a Malaga Moscatel- having tried some in Spain before and loved it- but haven’t really come across it in the UK (or maybe I don’t know where to look?!)…
Lo and behold- Lidl is selling one as part of their wine tour, which got very good reviews in Decanter.

Rushed to my local Lidl- but there were none. I spent what seems ages scanning the shelves over and over again, and there - behind some of their bog standard Aussie Shiraz, was a little shy bottle with my name on it. Last one in the shop! Can’t wait to give this one a go in due course…!

Whilst we were there, I also got a 2017 Purple Heron Cinsault from Paarl, and their ‘tête-à-tête’ blend of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris from the La Cave de Vignerons Pfaffenheim, each cost £7.99


Also spotted this red by Feudi di San Gregorio


Same price £7.99, an Aglianico, guess its their entry level red, but am confident. I’ve bought a bottle of that Malaga as well. I didn’t really need any more sweet stuff, but that seemed too good to miss.


Ah! Another Lidl pilgrimage is on the cards, then! :+1:


Hmmm… TWS have a Paarl Cinsaut from Fairview, but that’s a trifle more expensive.

Does the Purple Heron have any makers details on it? Is there a Wine & Spirit Board sticker on the neck - or is it bulk shipped?


Hi Peter,

Looking at the bottle - it does, indeed, have the Wine and Spirit Board sticker, and the Producer is Perdeberg Wines. Bottled in the Paarl valley.


Btw, Peter, I think this is the equivalent from the winery (tasting notes are identical):


Thanks, Inbar

Perdeberg are a reliable cellar. 80 Rand retail price at cellar door including 15% VAT converts to about £4.25, take off VAT, ship to UK, add UK wine tax and 20% VAT, and £7.99 seems reasonable.

Shame about the ghastly name Lidl have put on it.

(TWS Fairview Cinsaut is 105 Rand at cellar door, converts to £5.50, say £1.25 more expensive than the Perdeberg, and is almost £6 more expensive at TWS than the Lidl)


Apparently, the purple heron is commonly seen around their vineyards. Either that, or it’s a nice story. :slight_smile:



Shetland Reel Filska Gin for £24.99, one of our favourites. Lots of other nice gins as well in our local Lidl.


I saw this the other day and wondered about it … Looks like I’ll need to buy and taste for myself :blush: