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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


So… our Shoreham visit to Lidl was a fair success - though no Margaux… :frowning:

Still, managed to get my hands on 2 x 2013 Château La Couspaude Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classé and 1 of their Saint Emilion Grand Cru. The former was £19.99 and the latter £11.99 - so not a bad bargain.
Couldn’t resist an Austrian Riesling too, from Pfaffl:

Ready for my evening tipple now!.. :crazy_face:


Don’t want to send you on a wild goose chase but Worthing LIDL has seven of the Marquis de Terme this afternoon


I suspect you were replying to me, rather than @MarkC? It’ll take him longer than me to get to Worthing :wink:
But thanks for the tip! Not sure when I’ll be heading to West Sussex again, but can always make up a reason I guess!! :grin:


Drinking Lidl, Carpinus Hárslevelu, Tokaj 2017 for £7.99 . Decanter give it 88 points agree really interesting wine for the money, a bit muscat like, but unique. Worth picking up if you like zesty aromatic whites



I had this last week , I would agree with your description, my Aunt who was visiting really liked it as like you said had that almost muscat aromatic to it.


Not only Lidl, Aldi have developed a taste for really good beers, at very good prices. Surprisingly including some small local breweries. Maybe it’s Lidl for wine and Aldi for beer?


Was in an Aldi in Sanlúcar de Barrameda this week, they had some ‘artisanal’ bottled beer from Seville, at €1.19 a bottle.


I’m joining rather late on this thread so apologies if I’m repeating information. a Hungarian Cabernet Franc from Schieber has appeared in our usually unexciting local store. I thoroughly recommend it if you like your CF in the European style - fragrant, grippy, herbaceous and slightly chilled (12.5%).


Like you, I thoroughly enjoyed this Cab Franc, @wineyg! Excellent value for money in my book! :ok_hand:


Yes, at £6.99 it’s a bargain. And at 12.5% it doesn’t slay you when drinking a glass with a week day meal. CF is a real favourite of mine, any more recommendations?
Just had delivery of Tokara but think it will be a richer New World style.


… and that is one of their basic wines, I mean Schieber.


Thanks szaki1974 Any other notable East European CF in the UK? Or Northern Italian?


I have not seen Hungarian ones, others I was not really looking for.


Please can you mentor me on how to do links, pictures etc on this blog. I’m not social media savvy as you can probably guess.


Will happily PM you my cheap pearls of wisdom! :wink:


Gimblett Syrah in store for £3.99 currently


Excuse me @Leah , but I’m a very dull Northerner, what is a tweet ?:wine_glass::nerd_face::nerd_face:


It’s Twitter …! :+1:


Apologies @Leah, I was just being obtuse !!! :wine_glass::champagne::rose:



Outrageous. Thanks for the heads up!