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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


Just a heads up for anyone interested, 2 Owc’s of Pape Clement currently plonked on the floor of Brighton Lidl, also available in Lidl newhaven


Ps: I was served a bottle of the PC blind today, I’m not a particularly accomplished taster, but on the nose was certain that it was a fine Bordeaux and on tasting I guessed it as a good saint emilion grand cru from a decent recent vintage so not too far off, drinking well now but has a certain tautness and will definitely improve, fantastic value.


Yes- it is fantastic
5 bottles bought yesterday. Must be the best value wine I’ve ever bought.


We had this Syrah this evening - an astonishing value for money! So glad we got a couple more bottles left! Lovely nose of blackcurrant, black cherries, smoked bacon and black pepper, with a delicious juicy palate of ripe black fruit, smoked meat and spice. Nothing in-your-face, and perhaps not much complexity, but a flavoursome wine nevertheless! :wine_glass::ok_hand:


The Marquis Du Terme has finally put in an appearance at Lidl in Newark. Hoping some of the others find their way to the Midlands in the weeks ahead…


Cirencester Lidl had some Pape de Clement and Marquis de Terme on Friday


Just bought this for Deliahs famous cherry sauce for roast duck. It’s not half bad for £4.99 if you like a light style of Pinot Noir. This is from Romania and would pass Mrs @onlyawino austerity I’d have thought. A lovely breakfast wine to be sure.


What sort of a thing is this??! Breakfast wine? And I never knew… all these years, I thought you had to wait for the sun to cross the yard-arm…


The only breakfast wine I’ve ever seen was in German hotels where they served Deutsche Sekt as an option along with the orange juice.


I LOVE Sekt ! :heart:


I’ve never had the opportunity to try it - why isn’t it sold here?

Now that’s how to start the day in style!


Because Germany drink 90% of it unfortunately!


Working a Twin Town project we had an official breakfast reception at 8am!!
Sekt was the principal drink on offer. It was a wine making region, and Sekt was somewhat despised as it was made from imported wine. Hence taking every opportunity to dispose of it…particularly down the throats of English Visitors.


Less and less so now :blush:


I think wine labelled Deutsche Sekt has to be made from grapes sourced in Germany only, unlike plain Sekt which can be, as you say, made from grapes sourced anywhere in the EU.

A well-made Riesling Sekt is a real treat… shame they are difficult to come by in the UK.


I got given a bottle of this a month or so ago, and opened it with low expectations, but as you say, for £4.99 (£5.29 in Scotland due to minimum alcohol pricing) you can’t go far wrong. It’s got some varietal style about it, some fruit, pretty light but similar in quality to a lot of basic level Bourgogne at about half the price.


I’ve always seen that pinot and wandered… Hmmm may need to trial it. I did try their premium languedoc blend

Wow… What a bottle. Very polished, oak rounding, lots of pleasant black fruit, a little green to lighten the palate and alcohol but at 9 quid a bottle it’s fab… In a blind tasting you’d put that much higher. Their moulin a vent the next night was a bit meh but you can’t win them all.


You are the bearer of good news! Have bought a couple of those a few weeks back… now very much looking forward to drinking it! :+1::grinning:


Its fruit juice, its acceptable to have fruit juice in the morning :smiley:


Ha shrewd move! I decanted for a couple of hours. Very showy as a wine! I think our everyday wine for xmas may be largely determined by lidl and then getting special bottles from TWS :blush: