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Light Strike


Light strike anyone ??? :woman_facepalming:t3:

Also to add, there is a fire and chimney to the immediate right :see_no_evil:.


A classic example of damaging really really good wine ! Do not buy wine in CDG … apart from the fact it’s grossly overpriced :see_no_evil:.


Harvey Nick’s in Manchester used to have many wines on glass shelves, each shelf with fluorescent tubes underneath. Maybe still does - it’s several years since I was last there. Even before I was aware of lightstrike by name this seemed very, very wrong. Looked pretty though


This one is for you @Leah, the world’s first sparkling wine made in complete darkness from grape to bottle.


Really interesting, would be good to taste it, thanks @Cormski :yum:


but, if you taste in the dark, how will you see what clothes the emperor is wearing ?!

If they had such a problem with light strike, I’m sure that there were other methods to help - albeit not as media attractive :wink:

right…off to play call of duty when I can find my night vision goggles…found them - they were with the corkscrew !


Funny that :joy: