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Lighter mid-priced reds


Thanks for posting the link, very informative it was too.

I had a free micro-taste in the Showroom and liked it enough to buy a bottle to try at home ( as yet unopened ). I thought the TWS note summed it up well but it’s nice to have a bit of additional context. .



I had a bottle on my dad’s mixed reds case so added another one for me :yum:


It’s definitely going in my next order too…! :+1:


One of my go-to grapes. Definitely medium rather than light, though. For proper light, look for Ribeira Sacra Mencía.


Happily I put a bottle in my delivery to arrive on Wednesday :yum:


Public service broadcast…

Better be quick Inbar, really quick!
(Or you’ll need to wait for the 2019 vintage).


Thanks for the tip! :wink:


Oops sorry, mis-informatation! Same wine was listed twice. Both 2018. There’s loads left.


:joy::joy: phew!


The one I’d like to see again is the supremely elegant (yeah, I’m avoiding saying “Burgundian”) Lousas from Envinate, which not surprisingly didn’t hang around long. Different quality level as well as different region, of course.


Decantalo… just saying :wink::wink:, & very reasonable too.


Thanks! Ordered so much from Vinissimus in October in preparation for the Brexocatastrophe that I can’t justify another order now… Only have one house to store the damn stuff in!


Out of stock there too…

The single plot Lousas look very interesting

Snippet from their web-support chat



An excellent Pinot Noir - and seems to sell out fast. I havn’t tried the 2018 however prevous vintages were on a par with young premier cru Burgundy yet lighter, spicier and more aromatic (and much more afordable). Will go well with cold meats, salady things, sausages.


My goodness, it was in stock yesterday im positive… nevermind, just shows how high the demand for Envinate wines are.