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[LIVE] AMA: Bordeaux EP with buyer Tim Sykes!



Hi @SykoWino

Anecdotally, how do you think the Bordelais feel about the increasing alcohol levels? Are they happy, worried, nonplussed…? I appreciate that overall balance is the main thing, but are there concerns about losing that moderate, non-head-spinning digestibility that claret used to (and still sometimes does) offer?


They are concerned, as are winemakers in many regions. There’s quite a bit of research going on about how to restrain alcohol levels. These include using yeasts that are less efficient in turning sugar to alcohol.


Graves appears as a large area left of Garonnes, as a small village and as in some of Bordeaux wine, ex Chateaux La Grave, where Grave is refered to as the name of the soil. What is the eact meaning of this word?

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

I’m delighted to say that after many years of stagnation, Beaujolais sales at The Society are increasing encouragingly. I see this trend continuing as many members are discovering (or re-discovering) the wonders of Beaujolais. Quality has never been better, and with Burgundy beyond most peoples pockets increasing numbers are turning their attentions to Beaujolais. I shall be in Beaujolais next week tasting 2018s and looking for exciting new wines.


you need a level of cash to be able to do this as, traditionally, you were selling one years production to finance future years.

Latour is a prime example of taking it to the limits and withdrawing fully from EP


The word Grave means gravel!


It sounds so nice, wish it was me, thank you for today, and have a good evening.


I think we’re wrapping up now - thanks SO much to everyone for another hour of fascinating and insightful questions. I hope this discussion helps with all your Bordeaux buying (and Beaujolais and sherry for that matter!) - stay tuned for details of our next AMA!


Really good to hear. The aged Beaujolais tasting was a hit here in the Community!

Hopefully in your travels next week you can stop by Jean Claude Lapalu :wink:


Thanks, Tim, for some fascinating info and insights. Much appreciated!



Thanks, Tim! This was a fun and informative read…! :+1::+1::grinning:


thanks @SykoWino very imformative


Thanks Tim. It was great to here about Bordeaux and the very tempting news of a Beaujolais EP offer!


Did not get time to participate but read a lot of the replies. Great to read of a Beaujolais EP and mature claret at Christmas. Thanks for an interesting read



Many thanks for your responses. I am pleased that the Society will stock the Beaumont for their own wines - saves me a bit of money for now.



I don’t know if the thread is closed, but it was a last second question, and I am not satisfied with the answer :). What I actually meant was, that in ex danish language you might say, this: ‘I have a very nice Grave, would you like to share it with me’, so my question is: Does Grave then mean a wine only from the district west side of garonne or would you use same expression about the wines from Chateaux Graves and wines from village Graves on the eastside? I don’t think so.


I would understand the offered wine to be from grapes grown in the defined geographic area entitled to say on the label “Graves, Appellation Origine Controlee” which, as you say, is on the left bank of the River Garonne.


ok, thank you. I have no further questions :slight_smile:
Wish you a nice day.



Does this:

throw a spanner in the works between your decision of



Yes, as does the comment on the other thread about the quality of st Pierre - i may have to flip a coin!