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[LIVE] AMA: Bordeaux EP with buyer Tim Sykes!



Oh there’s plenty of acidity left, just not much else! :wink:


Sorry I thought I was commenting on the general thread, not your comment. I apologise.


I will hazard a guess that it was not TWS, but some French negociant (or even the Chateau) sitting on it… They probably could not shift it at the time on the back of 15 and 14 points awarded by JR.

Who knows, it might have come around, but the intended market seems to me definitely those in for cheap old claret for this Christmas.

Someone mentioned the Fontesteau, much better rated wines and also they were shown at the Christmas press tasting at the time. This one has not been shown to the press though… read it as you want.


I recently had the 06 and found that quite disappointing too - neither on the fruit nor mature enough to be interesting. Sounds as though perhaps it doesn’t get to that point though, it just fades out.

Not sure it’s fair to compare with the much steeper-priced Flaccianello though.


Thanks @Bluebeard, that’s reassuring that my palette wasn’t lying. Faded out would be a good description.

Absolutely agreed that it’s not a fair comparison - in terms of Sangiovese not much does compare with Flaccianello in my opinion (including the pricetag for the 2010, unfortunately). I think we were just all so disappointed I opened something I knew wouldn’t disappoint.


After the disappointment of the Pedrosa which all 6 of my bottles went back I wont be taking a “punt” as such on this. It’s not worth the hassle.


Thanks, an interesting (and long) read. First the normal comms complaints then cursed turn to prayers when the amazing deal turns out to be not so sweet after all (potentially).

Doubt this Bordeaux will be so extreme on either count, however, given the available stock and the anticipated quality level.


Hmm mediocre year, 18 years old, Haut Medoc is not my favourite left bank and I’m pretty ordered out at the moment; I think I’ll give this one a miss. Might change my mind if I see loads of rave reviews but…


Just ordered a couple of “test” bottles for delivery next week and will report here when tested.


I tasted the Coufran 2001 this evening. It went well with the beef casserole. Good colour - no browning at the edges. The nose was very restrained. On the palate it was well balanced but in the finish the fruit is fading. I enjoyed it but won’t be buying it either for myself or others. It would be a good buy for immediate drinking particularly over Christmas and the New Year.


The email offer for this landed in my inbox today reminding me about it. I still think I’m not going for it; I’m sure it is a good solid, if maybe unexceptional, Haut-Medoc, but I’ve currently got plenty of Bordeaux that I know I love. Maybe not much this mature but some of it is heading that way, and if I’m honest I really don’t need more.

Looks like TWS has made a pretty big commitment on it - there’s over 7 thousand bottles available - but I think this one is not for me.


This is another typical ‘found’ unsold parcel of rather old wine from an ordinary vintage in the Medoc (better on the right bank). Is it good value for £19/bottle, not really! Lose a fiver off that and it would be worth a punt! I’m minded to remember an old thread ‘a little bit more honesty’ etc. Tell us that the WS have been offered an old parcel that needs drinking up and the price is a steal (which this one isn’t) and we might all go for it! Coufran is a perfectly good wine. what it’s like after 18 years is a lottery.


We had the other bottle today with slow-roast shoulder of lamb. I decanted the wine an hour before broaching it. It was much better than the other bottle with a good mid-palate and long finish.