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LIVE (from 8pm): #TWSTaste - Cinderella Regions reds (+ Bin Series!) 12th March 8-9pm




After some violent swirling, it seems better… Yes, very youthful and quite a clean finish. Good acidity and fruit flavours coming through now.


OH here: missing first bottle, bin end & they’d run out.


Good news! I hope you enjoy it now its had some air!


We’ve overrun a bit on Bin Series - sorry guys! Shall we get going with the reds and come back to the Bin Series a bit later?

If so, let’s start with the Domaine Serol.

Pour a new glass, let’s swirl and sniff!


Mrs CC: Blackcurrant, pepper and hint of petrol


Wow! Great Gamay nose -really fresh


I drank it earlier in the week so I should comment.

Still has a youthful colour, I wouldn’t have guessed it was eight years old.

Some development on the nose but still freshly floral with some pleasant citrus notes.

Really fresh and punchy on tasting. Lime and grapefruit flavours, piercing acidity, a waxy texture like aged Aussie Semillon, really good VFM.


Nice fruity smell. Light in colour


Woooh! That’s a big lovely peppery nose, with a big ol’ dollop of cherry and rhubarb fruit. :heart_eyes:


Lovely vivid purple colour !

Ripe summer berry fruits and pencil lead on the nose


Oooh this has got some funk on it too! Like Bootsy Collins in a glass!


My swirl and smell is all over the place! Pepper, and a bit of church incense.


Ooooh! I can see what you mean here! Also, almost some dusty prayer books…


Oooh I love the smell! Like a boiled berry-flavoured sweet


Now getting an underlying floral note like violets.


As we’re running a little behind, let’s dive in and taste it! What do you think?!


Smells delicious. I love this style of red; fresh, fruit forward, lifted and with nice spice notes. Right up my street.


It just makes you want to jump straight in - lovely raspberry fruit, peppery, spicy notes and pencil shavings at the end.


Yes! Well we were in St Paul’ Cathedral earlier today🤣