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OH: arghh, corked, wowser, awful, got that from 3-4” away from the glass, fortunately two bottles of it, Beaujolais, but I’m still recovering from the overpowering mustiness in my nose.


Bright & very obviously Gamay, but it’s done well. Bright fruited - but darker - cherries violet, not raspberry bubblegum. Pepper. Flint edge. Definitely get the church smell - like smokey bergamot or wood oil incense…


I accidentally drank the whole glass in one go without thinking. I think thats a good/worrying sign.


Really bright and fresh. Juicy fruits, berries and cherries, good intensity of flavour.


Completely agree, the smell made me want to try straight away!


Nothing worse! Sympathies!


I usually associate Beaujolais with raspberry bubblegum too and wasn’t getting any here.


Oh no!!


Pencil shavings for me too.


Mrs CC: going very well with strong cheddar, Comte and vintage gouda.


Yikes! Let Member Services know and they’ll put a credit on your account. :slight_smile:

I love this! Juicy, fresh, big-flavoured - I can see why @Freddy can drink this so fast! :joy: I’m getting through it pretty quickly too!

It’s only 12% too - nice to find a lower-alcohol wine not low on flavour?!


I’m recovering, bottle two is a bit too cold, spicy raspberries :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like how light it is, this goes down very easily (a bit too easily actually!)


Lovely fresh tangy finish. This is moreish !


If we were allowed to post one-word replies, mine would be this: smashable.


Nice. Juicy and soft in the mouth. Refreshing. And lots of cherries😋


Dry, mid+ acid, gentle tannins. Fairly punchy palate: cherries, blackberry, a real floral edge - like if potpourri tasted nice… flinty/smokey edge, decent length too. GV.


Going down far too easily! Lovely, juicy fruit, little bit of pepperiness on the finish. Acidity is present enough to keep it from being flabby.


Shall we do food matches and marks out of 10 all in one go? We’re nearly caught up now. :wink:


I’m really liking it too. The lower alcohol is a refreshing change. Quaffable, as evidenced by my empty glass!