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LIVE (from 8pm): #TWSTaste - Cinderella Regions reds (+ Bin Series!) 12th March 8-9pm



I think its delicious and would give a solid 8/10.


8 from us. Nice and drinkable. Mrs CC does not like too strong wines


Long casual charcuterie lunch that goes on all day. 7.


I say 8 too!


Why can’t everyday be a long casual charcuterie day


Perfect!! Can taste it now…



Going nicely with salmon and Pak Choi! A 7 here.


OH: I’m enjoying it, it didn’t go with my purple sprouting broccoli pasta at all though, I fancy some gruyère & bread with it (haven’t got either).


Seven here. Good bistro wine.


I like the sound of this! For me, I’m giving it a rare 9. Really love it.


Perhaps a not too hot curry? Classically, steak frites, of course. 8/10 for me - super wine.


Bang on!! Superb shout.

Okay, let’s wrap up and move onto red # 2…


Mrs CC: pepper once again for me with freshly sawn wood


I get a delicate hint of cranberry sauce and marmite… i like it


Very dark with bright purple rim. Not getting much fruit but good comment on fresh sawn wood!


OH: 2, smells like the inside of a damp Fireball sailing dinghy, a wooden one circa 1978, not a glass fibre foam sandwich Kevlar machine.


Mrs CC: and a faint hint of salt and vinegar crisps


Maybe it’s the power of suggestion, but I totally get that!


Deeper purple colour. Subdued nose, not as exuberant as the Gamay, faint red berry fruit with a hint of wood smoke.