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Definitely more subdued, yes - some nice rich fruitiness though.


Very savoury


I’m getting a savoury smell and yes, could be crisps! Also wondered if it’s a nutty smell I’m getting?


Really isn’t giving much away on the nose. The Gamay leapt out of the glass, but this one makes you work!


I get all those notes - restrained, but curious. My First wine from Savoie and my first Mondeuse.


So you weakened first and tasted( or at least the first to confess):rofl:


Are we all tasting? Let’s taste!


Im not getting much joy here, i have to admit


Nearly finished first glass


Woody, Green wood & moss - earthy. Med nose: red currant sauce (even with a hint of meatiness?!), a certain pine oil note (power of suggestion?!?) Bright violet - almost confected.


I second the redcurrant sauce, and you do get a nice dollop of fruit, but there’s also a lot of dryness. I’m not sure this one is for me…


It might just be because it’s light, but it’s eaay to drink. Not finding much that’s overly exciting about it though. Tannins are nice and supple though!



It is soft and juicy in the mouth though I cannot put much of a description to it. Maybe cranberry. Bland but pleasant.


It definitely ends on a nice fresh note!


I’m getting some cherry in the aftertaste


Dry, fairly acidic, quite tannic. An astringency - wood oil?! Some fruits coming through but they’re like the under-cooked cranberries when making the sauce on Christmas Eve - complete with bitter orange oils too - quite bitter, if festive…


This is a really good summary of my take on this wine! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Mrs CC: getting a hint of aniseed. Not as accessible as the Serol, but enjoyable. Going well with strong cheddar, Comte and vintage gouda (staples in our house).


It’s a little austere, especially compared to the Serol… More tannin, not as tasty as the Gamay, more ‘woody’ or greener. Colour is very deep and rich though. On the nose, getting the freshly sawn pine a bit more now.