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LIVE (from 8pm): #TWSTaste - Cinderella Regions reds (+ Bin Series!) 12th March 8-9pm



I jest… its not bad but not my favourite. For me its all structure and not enough fruit. A bit like an army tank - built for strength and power but not for comfort!


Tanks definitely need more fruit


Probably comes into its own with a good cassoulet!


Rich fruitcake flavours, acidity provides structure not tannin, quite a chewy texture. and a warming spicy finish.


Ooh yes, shall we talk food matches? I like this. Anyone else got any suggestions?


A quick decant might help it open up a bit. Or even an extra year in the rack


Exactly -cranberries cooked with too little sugar…


In case anyone’s interested, this has a drink date of Now to 2024 on our website!


I find it quite sour (if you can find a wine sour?), but then I do like sour beer so that’s probably why I’ve finished my glass!


Anyone want to give this a mark out of 10 before we do a poll to find our wine of the night? :smiley:

We can also go back to the Bin Series after that if anyone has yet to try it? Just shout!


You’re so cool! Only discerning people like sour beers :blush:


Should be really good with cheese, I imagine…


7 out of 10 from us.


4.75/10 for me in afraid!


Very precise! I settled on 5…


So, we opened this Mondeuse last Sunday, had two small glasses then vacuvined it and went away to London for a few days. Today it was softer, very little tannin or acidity and a lot easier on the palate than a lot of you have experienced. Still not a lot of flavour though.


Six here. I preferred the brightness of the Gamay.


A 6 from us.


I’m giving it a 6. Good structure but little flavour.


My vigorous swirling has resulted in a damp jumper (again!). It’s a 6/10 for me - based on it improving with food and time.