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LIVE (from 8pm): #TWSTaste - Cinderella Regions reds (+ Bin Series!) 12th March 8-9pm



I’m probably going for a 5 too. Just not for me!


I’m scoring in comparison to the Cote Roannaise, which I really enjoyed, so even though I didn’t hate this one, I’m giving it a 5 (but if not in comparison with the other one then I might have given a 6!)



Okay, let’s see what your wine of the night was…

  • Serol was super!
  • Savoie was my star!

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OH: much mellower than the last one, the fruitiness is brief but the savoury character lasts. I rather like it, subtle.


Think this might be unanimous…



Still not getting the Fabulous Furmint… Now, where’s that Serol…?


Serol to Savoie


OH no I’m an outlier Savoie for me.


That’s good! We need someone to fight the Savoie’s corner! :joy:

Well this has been EXCELLENT, everyone! A couple of wines I’d never have bought, and at least one of them I’d buy lots more of in future…

Did anyone not get a chance to try the Bin Series or shall we all retire with another glass of our favourite wine of the night?

Next month, we’re trying some BRAND NEW wines to our Society-label range - I’ll confirm the date ASAP but it’ll be in early-mid April, and I hope you can join us. :smiley:



Thanks folks. A good tasting in Corvid 19 approved conditions :mask:


I always learn so much from these tastings, thanks all for your tasting notes! And thank you @laura for hosting!


Enjoyed tasting two new grapes, but it was the Gamay that won it for me! Look forward to the next #TWStaste.


Really enjoyed tonight folks, much-needed respite!

I’ve had both of those Sorels before (different vintages), but forgot how good (& good value) they are - there shall be more on the way!

And the second bottle of Bin 4 shall either hang around until some wino friends come over, or get absolutely demolished next time I have a quite evening in… either way, I’m looking forward to it!


Thought I’d just come in on the end of this thread. It was all a bit bizarre; as many of you might be aware I’m in Chamonix in the Savoie at the moment (or was on Thursday) and some friends and I dropped in to a wine bar before going on to a restaurant, as you do, and guess what wine they had open for drinking by the glass? The Terre Rouge mondeuse '18. How extraordinary! So of course I had to have a glass! I have to say it wasn’t the best mondeuse I’ve yet tried; not a lot of fruit, plenty of pepper, which I like but, wow for me it was just too much tannin. As someone said above ‘all structure and no fruit’.

For those trying mondeuse for the first time I can assure you there are, in my very humble opinion, much better examples out there. Though maybe this one might soften on another year or so.


I can only second that! Mondeuse can be such a lovely red - with good tannic structure, pepper and crunchy red fruit, and usually below 13% - there are a couple great examples on TWS list that I’m sure would have fared better (but are also more expensive).


Have just tried a small glass of this (been open since Thursday) and it’s much better. Lots of fruit and the tannins hardly obvious at all. Much nicer, but still not as good as the Serol which has been quaffed - Yummy!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend with plenty of wine supplies to hand - MUCH more important than hand sanitiser or toilet roll.