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Live from 8pm: #TWStaste white Rhône vs white Burgundy



Apricots, white pepper, donut peach and a little floral something


Other half is getting cheesecake (from the wine)…sadly not from the larder.


Mrs CC: a really long sniff gets me slight hint of tweed. If you’ve ever sewn with new tweed, you’ll know what I mean.


I’m getting pineapple and peach on first sniff


And on second sniff a creamy smell, a bit like a pina colada!


Opening up a bit now. A bit more tropical man!


Peach, apricot, under-ripe pineapple, orange blossom(?)


Agree with buttery… also pineapple. Very pleasant but might still need to warm a little as just out of the fridge.


Ours is a little on the cool side too - but I’m loving the pineapple!\

Let’s dive in for a taste! Does it live up to the nose?!




Warming up and fruit is coming through…pineapple.


Don’t know if I’m just getting influenced by all this pineapple talk, but I can’t smell anything else now


First taste and there’s a lot going on!


Banana, still a pepper thing going on, apricot, peach and alcohol… can TOTALLY taste that alcohol


Peaches & cream, green pineapple again, a saline lick. Full body — unctuous texture.

Alcohol quite noticeable.


Yes, not super-sweet and juicy, is the word astringency?


Mrs JD is getting pear drops and liquorice


Quite richly textured and oily


Yes I agree, the alcohol seems very prominent!


The pepper thing is interesting. Lovely mouthfeel but the alcohol stays on the throat a bit too long.