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Live from 8pm: #TWStaste white Rhône vs white Burgundy



Okay, let’s pour the white Burgundy, shall we?


Training their palate young :joy:

Ensuring they don’t bring me any shitwine in the nursing home


Love love LOVE Cordier’s wines!


More petrol


Viognier going well with the fish pie.


I’m struggling with this. Quite subtle on the nose. A bit of fuel with a sweet fruit undertone.


After the hugely tropical viognier, this seems a little bit more muted on the nose in terms of fruit. Getting loads of vanilla though!


Lemon and lime rind like a key lime pie, some cheese and strangely a slight hint of toffee , but it smells quite ripe…


I’m getting pure butter


And pastry :wink:


The fruit that’s there is subtle, and it’s the standard ‘white wine aromas’ of lemon, lime, green apple, and a bit of pear.


Had to swirl the white burgundy quite a bit before getting any aromas but now I seem to be getting perfume and white grape!


OOh YES! Like the smell of those half-baked croissants you get when you take them out of the oven!


Weirdly on the nose I would have guessed Sauvignon blanc.


Mid lemon. Mid nose: lemon-lime, gentle creamy edge - smoke & butter hints. Saline, pear & quince almost.


Yes @laura! I thought I was also getting a whiff of some sort of cheese at first but now you’ve said butter and that’s solved it!


Let’s taste! :smiley: What do you think?!


Going in…….


Much more going on on the palate. The fruit follows through from the nose, the butteriness is sooo evident but there’s lots of nice vanilla and I’m definitely getting that toffee note that @leah mentioned.


Yes, seems much fruitier to taste!