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LIVE** Guerrilla tasting #4: Bordeaux blend - France Vs South Africa. 28 November 2019 **


also on the Rustenberg… it is a bit like a restrained Southern Rhone if that makes any sense (there Rustenberg CEO, eat this)


I’ll go a 7 but top end nudging 8. It’s definitely grown on me as I’ve got used to that initial blast of tannin. A very good wine but not such a casual drinker as the bdx. (for me! :D)


I’m going to compare it with last night’s Vergelegen next … think it was slightly cheaper than these but same kind of ‘mid-price’ thing going on.


I’m reverting to my harsh-marker type & going 5 again… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I think it’s good value for what you get in the glass. You could pay more and get a lot less. So an 8 for me.

Admittedly, many wines from all over the world can taste like this but this one works for me.


Not really getting a southern rhone vibe from it - to me it’s pure left bank claret, but I’m no expert!


Thanks to @Brocklehurstj and anyone else involved in organising tonight’s tasting - enjoyable AND educational as always!


here, here


7.5 for all three of us here. More enjoyment and more complexity


Seconded an excellent and very interesting comparison. I’m very conservative on wines and mostly stick to old world. This could shift me to look closer at SA


Is it time for a poll, or are we unanimous here…?


Someone on a laptop, please do a poll.


Absolutely, thanks everyone, in anticipation of being woken by a snotty child in the next couple of hours I’m going to beat a hasty retreat. Thanks again!



  • Commanderie
  • Rustenberg

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funnily… :wink:


I would if I knew how :flushed:


That’s a weighted vote — me about 60/40 in favour of the Rustenberg, James very much in favour of the Commanderie!


Peer pressure is overrated


Fair enough - stops it being a total whitewash


Maybe at the next Guerilla tasting where there will be like 4 of us.