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LIVE** Guerrilla tasting #4: Bordeaux blend - France Vs South Africa. 28 November 2019 **


Commanderie wins on typeface. And I like the way you can see the whole building in the picture.


Very Bordeaux…


I’m not too surprised. You said James wasn’t such a wine-head and if I was going to serve one of these to a non wine geek like me I’d probably opt for the bdx.


but no back label… sorry


This is, of course, very important!


Too cool for a back label. Keep 'em guessing.


I like both labels and the fact that neither “chateau” is overly ostentatious.


Which is interesting — because before tasting them I might have presumed that it’d be the other way round…


Must say, I’m really impressed with some of the wines coming out of South Africa these days. They seem to combine the best of the old and the new worlds at very fair prices.


I want pagodas and I want them now!


Agreed this is what surprised me most.


one of them looks like an old farmhouse, the other like barracks


Agreed, and (off topic I know) a bunch of very impressive whites…!


yep :rofl:


And bright colours! Where are all the colours?!!!


Not much between the Vergelegen and the Rustenberg. The Vergelegen’s a bit more sweetly-fruited but then it’s been open a day already.


I probably would not have bought either of these… so thanks. For full disclosure I have had a previous vintage of the John X Merryman before at a barbecue. It worked really well.


Many thanks to @Brocklehurstj for organising, not only has it been educational it’s been a hoot too. I enjoyed that !


Folks, as always this was a super way to spend an evening — & thanks for organising @Brocklehurstj ! Thanks for all your company & a special thanks for making James feel so welcome — he even said he was having fun!!


I’ve had a few CdlC now but I suspect I won’t get more. I am however quite taken with the Rustenberg as a food wine (and I usually am eating with my wine anyway) and will likely buy again.