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LIVE** Guerrilla tasting #4: Bordeaux blend - France Vs South Africa. 28 November 2019 **


I echo the thanks to @Brocklehurstj - great selection of wines and I really find these comparative tastings much more enjoyable than tasting a couple of different wines, e.g. a red and white.


I agree absolutely. Very much my preference too!


We missed the most recent official tasting (and won’t make next week’s either), so it’s been great to do this again with you lovelies :+1:


Especially if two reds, right? :wink:


Maybe……… :rofl:


We’re now drinking this with supper. Oh yum


The next Guerilla tasting is also a comparative one btw. Sadly one of the wines is out of stock.


I like your style !


Yes that one quite appealed to me as well, but sadly I’ll probably be on the road then or still getting sorted after arriving home after two months away! :frowning:


Yep, that one sounded really good, but I was a bit slow off the mark!


Yeah, quite a rare opportunity to taste the same wine with 11 years difference in vintage. Should be interesting. Might be only me posting in the live thread mind you.


Damn! Yes, I hadn’t noticed that. That’s a shame.


Sounds like you had a fun and interesting tasting, all! :grinning: :+1:

I love the John X Merriman, so suspect it would have been my favourite! Has anyone tried Rustenberg’s single vineyard ‘Peter Barlow’? It’s on my Christmas list! :crossed_fingers::gift:


Commanderie’s showing better now, but I don’t know if that’s because it’s had a bit more air or just because we’ve had loads of wine :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass:


I’ve only got the older vintage. Not sure if I’ll open it for the tasting, but I will be reading with interest.


Was served blind from the decanter. I correctly guessed Bordeaux left bank but the year blew me away.

So fresh and so clean! Didn’t taste (to my slightly alcohol-influenced palate) any older than the Rustenberg.


Plus one here.


Thanks everyone for logging in and taking part.

I really enjoyed comparing the two, but my attention started wandering once supper was served and lamb breast with flageolet bean aromas started wafting in my direction.


I haven’t tried it but Jamie Goode rated it.


After yesterday, I’d like to try it out of curiosity but it’s twice the price of the John X. Maybe when Waitrose have another 25% off 6 offer !


Yes, it’s their top wine, and from a single vineyard - so I guess got price to match! :grimacing:

Hoping that Santa will feel generous, though… :smiley: