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LIVE** Guerrilla tasting #4: Bordeaux blend - France Vs South Africa. 28 November 2019 **


I’ll try that when my wife leaves the room


We’ve all had bottles of them before :open_mouth:


Cheese comes later but I’ll try both with it. Just dinner at the moment


You are keen to get to bed!


Not at all. This is a drinking wine. Best with food.


Not having had a sip for a bit it’s surprisingly persistant


For me goes well with Comte and Cheddar. Not quite as well with Old Amsterdam


yes, ossau iraty and assorted nuts here, works I think


Mrs CC: not quite doing it for me on the cheese front. I’ve tried with strong Welsh cheddar, Comte and vintage gouda. Not great with any of them (for me).


Dry, high acid, a little thin, med+ tannin - quite grippy & drying still (not abrasive though). Plum & dark cherry, dried leather? Cedar maybe. Smoke & tobacco on the finish. Lingers but quite bitter…


I think it could mature and meld together a bit more over the next few years, but good for a youngish Claret. Perhaps a little unbalanced still?


spot on


Hmmm. This is why I never really bother with these ‘satellite’ appellations on the right bank which can trade on the name of their neighbours.

This is fine but not really much better than any other claret going for several quid less.


Agreed, another couple of years wouldn’t do it any harm


I have a couple of bottles of Les Cruzelles same vintage, same appellation… will be interesting to see how it compares. Most likely this experience will already be forgotten when I get to drinking those.


A suicidal fruit fly has just come to and end in my glass… Need to drink quicker!


I still have a bottle of the '13 but think I might be pushing my luck if I keep it much longer.


Drinking window is only to 2022, will it really improve that much?


On the plus side it is only a half bottle… so half the pain (I am exaggerating)


Like those Thingybob-St-Emilion appellations - same issue for me.