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LIVE** Guerrilla tasting #4: Bordeaux blend - France Vs South Africa. 28 November 2019 **


Getting so much more on the nose here. Much fuller, strong cassis and oaky notes


was going to say, too… the first time I actually understand what critics might mean by cedar


Did u see Rick Stein and the old fort full of cheese the other week! Heaven. (Provided you can take a bottle).


Yes vanilla too. So much more interesting I think!


Definitely more complex


Yeah. Much more going on right off the bat.


it is almost like you can smell tannins


Cassis for me too. Oak not annoying me.


Missed it I’m afraid but I’m a total sucker for all those hard alpine cheeses.


I know it’s not fashionable but I do like a bit of oak!


still available on the iPlayer… one of the better food shows I saw recently


it is just that those chairs are so heavy


This is definitely getting sweeter with a few swirls.


Almost never watch TV but might make an exception for some good cheese!


For the geeks


I’m getting a bit of furniture polish here too, maybe it’s for the oak chairs


They’re an absolute bugger to stub your toe on.


Me: Inky ruby. Med+ nose: blackcurrant, cassis, leather, cedar, plum. Vanilla & earth hints. Denser (& alcoholic…).

James: Plum or rhubarb crumble — a bit generic “red wine”, not particularly distinctive, meaty hint (good for gravy?), earthy beetroot (!)


hope noone is vegan…


The oak notes are evident. And to my taste.