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LIVE** Guerrilla tasting #4: Bordeaux blend - France Vs South Africa. 28 November 2019 **


Does anyone know what ±7 days might mean under extended maceration?


Okay enough of this sniffing I’m diving in!


I’m afraid not


I accidentally already took a ‘sip’ at 20:37, sorry.


just a sip?


Loving the cedar and cassis nose. Agree about the vanilla - I like a good dose in a red wine.

How does that happen?!


Slightly more than a sniff here…


We cheated and had a glass of each with our meal about 6.30


Wow that’s a bit of an explosion on the palate. Seriously grippy


No, I guess there’s another number missing ?


what is this? AA?

let’s just say that I did not expect the Spanish inquisition…



I know there’s half a degree more declared on the label here, but I think the alcohol is better integrated than the claret.


Certainly got some grip. Tempered by cheese.


Agreed but a lot more tannin. Not sure how happy I am with that.


Definitely. Don’t really notice it.


Agreed, going down very nicely with brie


Probably keep it alive for a few more years. Not one to rush opening?


I could happily drink the bdx on it’s own, but I need food with this.


James: sharp, bitter

Me: agreed — tannins are quite grippy & bitter. Full body & (for me at least) the abv is quite noticeable…


… and the cheese working well with it