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LIVE TONIGHT: #TWSTaste at the AGM - co-op wines!



At the Society’s #TWSTaste at the AGM with @laura and @martin_brown! So cool!


Lots of lemon with a chalky white pepper, high acidity and an after taste like sucking on the stone of a peach… anyone ever done that??:joy:


I’ve spotted the buyer of this gruner, @freddy! Let me see if I can grab him. :smiley:


Dry, lovely steely high acidity, med body. Quite pronounced palate: lime, pink grapefruit, pear — lovely interplay of sweet and bitter fruit flavours. White pepper kick. Fairly long too.


That’s the one…


Austria buyer @Freddy putting his money where his mouth is :wink:


Is that a black jacket and a navy shirt ???:scream::sweat_smile:


Freddy described this as ‘sleek’… or was he talking about the wine?!


So @freddy has been telling me that he bought this wine because it’s such a great example of Wachau gruner veltliner - which is quite a premium region - at a very good price.

What do you think? Marks out of 10? Food matches? :smiley:


Naturally, @freddy gives this a 10. :wink: :joy:

For me, it’s a truly gorgeous example of gruner - a grape I don’t always get on with - so I think I’ll give it a 9! :smiley:


I’m enjoying this, a grü-v 8 out of 10 from me


I’d definitely call it good value! Solid 6/10 — really good quality, really good price.

Gruner always makes me want schnitzel or a big board of smoked meats…


7/10 for the wine ……. The sleek look …well :joy:
I think it would go quite well with Indonesian and lightly spiced Chinese food, neither of which I have in front of me…:sweat_smile:


Just had a long chat about ITC. Finally found the table:

Everyone is being very sociable.


Chicken stir-fry about to go on… :ok_hand:


I can’t multitask @tom :persevere:


Your day just keeps on getting better and better @tom :grin:


Is that the wine going well with Indonesian or the sleek look? I’ll get my coat…




Laura and me chatting to members at the QEIi