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LIVE TONIGHT: #TWSTaste at the AGM - co-op wines!



I just met @tom! SO COOL! :smiley:

Okay, let’s move onto the red shall we? Everyone pour your glass and give it a swirl! :smiley: What are you smelling?


Chlorine from the kids………but ok ill get the wine :wink:


Mine’s been poured for a while now (and no I’ve not started drinking it yet, thank you very much) initially, when first poured, I got a huge hit of pear drops, however that’s now mellowed into spicy brambles.


Finally had the white, I’m a bit behind after meeting @laura and @martin_brown. Was a bit muted for me but ive tasted 80 wines today so I may not be the best person to ask…


… and a touch of pencil shavings maybe.


Life’s hard eh?


Quite deep ruby. Quite pronounced too: rich cherry/raspberry yoghurt, plum, maybe something brighter too- redcurrant. Hint of lavender, earthy spice notes - nutmeg, cinnamon.


Fruity and earthy at the same time. It smells of sunshine to me with warming ripe blackberries, plum, blueberries and stewed figs, it also has a baking spice like clove or slight pimento. Smells great !


Yes, it’s smelling very much like my style of wine. Looking forward to tasting… can I?.. please?..


Spot on for me! :smiley:

Ooh, some lovely aroma notes above too! Cracking stuff, @leah and @philip_currie.

Go on, I know you’re dying to dive in for a taste! :smiley: What do you think?


There’s an interesting confectionary flavour going on that I can’t quite pin down. Almost… bubble gum maybe? Sounds terrible but I mean in a good way. Quite a sweet flavour but the wine itself isn’t sweet. Does that make any sense?


Gorgeous sweet, ripe fruit with dusty tannins and I can totally feel the alcohol on the back of my throat but its integrated pretty well. I can taste cranberries too and almost candied cranberries… this is interesting ……


Richness continues — dry, acidity is pretty high, tannins are quite high but pretty ripe & not too coarse, full body. More mixed red & black fruits — forest fruit — blackberry, cherries, rich with a soft-oaked cream edge, more spice notes too. Sweet fruited, pretty long

Alcohol is a touch hot.


Sorry… sorry … couldn’t help myself :joy:



Absolutely had to be done!


Yes agree the alcohol is a little out of balance for me. The tannins and acidity are okay but possibly a little too grippy. Is that the right word? The finish is quite smoky but rather dominated by that tannin.


We got a little three person club going here? I reckon the AGM folk are altogether far too busy chatting and enjoying themselves. This tasting is a serious business you know…


It wasn’t out of balance for me but definitely “hot” as @philip_currie said… I think it will calm down given a little time though.


Agreed, I find a bit of an alcohol burn on the finish. Tannins are quite grippy, yes — not overly-drying or terribly bitter for me, but quite a lot of them.


I think this would go better with food and, not being exactly a retiring, shy type of wine, I think it could take some quite strong earthy flavours.