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LIVE TONIGHT: #TWSTaste at the AGM - co-op wines!



Hey there are 12 wines to taste and I’m doing you all a solid by writing barely inteligible notes on them all :rofl:


We’ll just entertain ourselves on here…:sweat_smile:


Can’t wait to read them back to front :sweat_smile::rofl:


Agreed, something meaty would tame those tannins, & it’s robust enough for fattier cuts as well I reckon — ribeye steak maybe?!


Or pulled pork even?


Don’t forget I’m a veggie! But Porcini mushrooms, oh yes!


Ooo yes please!

Yup, that would work!


Hello, I’m back! Have been having so much fun chatting to our members about The Community I didn’t get as much chance to post here as I’d like! Sorry everyone - glad to see you’re having fun though!

LOVE the pulled pork suggestion as a food match, especially as it would match the little spicy element well.

Go on then, marks out of 10?


In fact I do a mushroom sauce with dried porcini mushrooms to which I add some red wine and this would be beautiful both on the side and in the cooking!


Three bean and lentil chilli… easy on the spice…??


I quite like this and the earthiness and for the price it aint bad… 6-7/10 I reckon.:grinning:


Don’t think you’d need to go all that easy on the spice even. I think this guy/girl can stand his/her ground


Oh that sounds good! I’m trying that later int he week with the rest of this bottle!

Yup, can see that too! Agreed re spice level — definitely hot enough as it is!


pretty good bank for your buck I reckon.


Load it in then…:wink:! Love a good spicy chilli


Got to say on first sniff I wasn’t sure I’d like this, but it’s absolutely delicious! A wine I could curl up on the sofa with. :slight_smile: I’m giving it 8/10! :smiley:


I might just have some with it tonight (I have some in the freezer - that’s how you live when living alone!).


Hmmmm… I think the flavours are great, but that alcohol burn… hmmm, can’t quite get past it. 5/10 (would have been a 6-7 otherwise I think).


I think food would balance it out fine. So I’m still going for a solid seven.


Do It @laura