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LIVE - #TWSTaste 22nd November - Battle of the Bottles



What’s nice about this wine is its lack of a sweet note - a definite Italian characteristic, I think. Compare to Rhone reds which can be oddly sweet edged. Perfect with food - need to order some more!


Mrs Puskas!!!


Me too, Mee toooo


I missed the Ripasso… Aldo Vajra for President!


Haha, we got a bit sidetracked but final thoughts? Should we take a poll on our fave of the night? :laughing:

  • Manzanilla for me!
  • Vajra Nebbiolo all day!

0 voters


The first taste was dominated by acidity and tannin for me, but it’s just opening up all the time. The fruit’s getting sweeter and richer, but the balance with the tannin and acid is just bang on. What a beauty.


We need some sort of warning on things like this!


Definitely our best - but also our first… (The manzanilla doesn’t count as it’s so different)


I feel bad for the Manzanilla now… it is such a good wine


It was agony scrolling through Google images for a suitably characteristic smile.


These #twstaste events are getting better and better… Pete Tong has helped of course :grin:


Shame, now I wish I voted Manzanilla. It was great, just not as great as Aldo’s baby Barolo.


I love the Sherry too


I’m supposed to be answering a question about the options available to someone making red wine in Bordeaux. My response would be to sack it off, decamp to the Langhe, plant Nebbiolo and eat Tajarin.


I really liked the Manzanilla but wife overruled me on the vote. 0% seems a little unfair!


Also the sherry is less than half the price by the way


I’m not sympathetic @hughcummin - this is a nice community! :wink:


Website doesn’t like my incoherent proclamations about my need to buy nebbiolo more often.



I’m buying more of BOTH!!


Really love the lack of sweetness that @VinoVeritas mentioned

Wife is late to the party but says very nice, 7/10. Its an 8 for me and would very likely score higher with the right food