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LIVE - #TWSTaste 22nd November - Battle of the Bottles



I thought that was my post and tried to click on the OK… Doh!!



Well, we should wrap up guys - thanks so much to everyone for attending our virtual tasting tonight - I’ll leave you all to enjoy another glass or two! :smiley:

Don’t forget we have our Christmas tasting in just TWO WEEKS on 6th December - details here if you’d like to join in:


TWS Crew saying ‘Night all!’ - over & out!



Thanks everyone - a pretty clear ‘battle winner’ so far. I loved the Manzanilla but that Nebbiolo is just sweet as a proverbial nut. And don’t worry @Herbster I fear I have suffered from ‘unclear body’ too in the past :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Hope to chat with you all at the next one!


good night people, I have got a bottle of red wine to get better acquainted with


If you serve the Nebbiolo at TWS stand tomorrow in Winchester, we may not move all night😉


I’m absolutely with you on Nebbiolo. The snag is that it’s typically on the pricey side for everyday drinking, but there is a budget option available which @szaki1974 spotted earlier. It’s not the Vajra, but it’s not bad either - a Nebbiolo-Dolcetto blend:


Enjoyed that as always. I’ll be ordering next months shortly so we look forward to then!


What are the bottles for next month? I can’t find the page.


Had it once and it’s fabulous stuff. Did it disappear for a while…? I’m sure I had the 2011 a while back and then it was gone.


both 2011 and 2012 in stock now


Absolutely - it’s been off the list for at least a year I think, but was a regular order for me back then. Great to see it back in stock!



Unfortunately we missed it because we are on holiday in Madeira. Off to the wine tasting at the Casino tomorrow night. Over 100 Portuguese producers. We do have the bottles from tonights tasting and so will try the red later next week. We did try the sherry before we left and found it very dry.


Currently sipping a Blandy’s Alvada



I think I should try Vajra’s Riesling, too, now…


You absolutely, definitely should!