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LIVE - #TWSTaste 22nd November - Battle of the Bottles



Hope you enjoy Madeira! We missed your reviews tonight - hope you have a cheeseboard ready! :smile:


Has anyone tried the barbera?


Madeira is great. So relaxing and loads to do. Also the various Madeira wines are good. We both like Sercial the best which is not so easy to get in the UK.


Yep - sensational, so juicy. Also highly recommend their ‘Kye’ Freisa when it’s around for those who like their reds on the bitter side.


Ah, the power of Sercial Media …


Ha! Do come and say hello. No nebbiolo, but viura, turbiana, roussette, kekfrankos, melnik & öküzgözü on the menu … :blush:


Yes, it was the barbera that I had from Varja rather than the Dolcetto that I mentioned earlier. Superb wine; needs a bit of time to open up but a lovely wine.


I’ll be there if only to hear you pronounce that last one!


Er-kuzh-gerzh, of course! :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


That’s Geordie, that is…




Bless you :sneezing_face:


Not much of a test. Could be done with eyes closed? of course it could, of course it could, of course it could etc


Sadly I missed this event - but scrolled to find the vote and … WOW

I’m off to add some Nebbiolo to my Christmas order toot sweet


Give it a good long decant and you will be amply rewarded.



Courtesy of Father Ted


Sadly I missed it too. Thursday is badminton night !
surprised to see my favourite Manzanilla so soundly beaten

Pretty sure I have a Langhe Nebbiolo lurkin in the cellar, so will pull it out to try next week.

Have this one on the list for a Hawksmoor lunch on Monday. just love that bottle.


These were two great wines in an unfair contest.


Sadly missed the tasting though I did buy the Langhe which I opened last night. Really very good but, in my opinion, still a bit young for best drinking. I would say it has the structure to last a few more years and soften up those tannins some. Agree with cherry and raspberry on the nose and palate. Slight sourness and lots of tannin. Long bone dry finish.


Sorry to have missed this one, but entertaining (as always!) to read all the posts and impressions (not including horrid Mrs Blair’s visage).
Manzanilla is one of my favourite wines, so will certainly add this one to my next order - but how could it have won, being pitted against that fabulous sounding Nebbiolo…?! It shall also make its way to a future order, no doubt!
Great notes, all, and looking forward to the December one! :+1::+1: