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LIVE - #TWSTaste 22nd November - Battle of the Bottles



A rather unbusy wine week I am afraid, it was a longer process.


You have no idea … the green room is electric!


Hello everyone! Looking forward to this…


Well I make that 8pm by my watch (not that I’m eager… :smiley: ) so let’s get going! Shall we start with the sherry - and our thoughts on the appearance and aromas? :smiley:


definitely worth decanting… on the nose it is so much better now than on opening


Strikingly pale to my eye.


A hint of lemon yellow.


On the nose
A lovely bruised red apple and a slight saltiness


Straw coloured. Nutty aromas.


Definitely getting nutty aromas and saline hints, didn’t get red apple until you said so @JReed and now I do get appleyness too!


Maybe some ripe banana.


nose: lovely aromatics coming through, with some nutty and fresh saline hints. Even a little dried apricot.


We’re all going nutty at HQ, I can tell you!


also getting a hint of iodine


So nutty and saline! Apple, lemon and varnish but mainly nuts and salt to my humble nostrils (and as you can see, I’m really concentrating)…


Pale yellow to straw with aromas of nuts and some type of fuel


Very fragrant! I’m terrible at describing dry sherries, but we agree with the salty nuttiness.

I think I’m getting some kind of candied citrus peel…?


yes, bingo … …


Slight acetone even?


Go on then, dive in and have a taste! Let us know what you think - do you love it? Marks out of 10? Food matches? Give us your best tasting note and we’ll put some of them on our social media! :smiley: