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LIVE - #TWSTaste 22nd November - Battle of the Bottles



Pear drops - just a hint.


preserved lemon on the palate, love it


That must be the ethanol. Have you been using nail varnish remover?


I swear the palate reminds me of a white Viña Tondonia I once had.


I’m getting herby focaccia with salt crystals on the palate - yes, I know it’s liquid, but that’s the taste sensation I’ve got.


I would switch bakeries…


The Apple follows through with citrus, salt and a yeastiness. Lovely freshness but so soft.


We are tasting it with swordfish following the seafood rec onTWS site. Actually we invariably have fish on a Thursday so not difficult.

Goes well with our fish. Dry, salty, sugar free pear drops maybe? Hard to describe.


Or maybe CVNE Clasico Monopole which is made in Fino casks with a little bit of fino inside …


I always end up thinking ‘HOW can this be £x’ when I try a good sherry, but HOW can this be a mere £8.50 a bottle? The balance between weight and freshness is just lovely.


Gorgeous, fresh and tangy. I feel I’ve been transported to the west cost of Ireland on a windy day and am getting sprayed by the sea waves. I love this Manzanilla


I think this needs a hot day and the garden patio.


OOH! This sounds gorgeous - how is it as a match?!


Getting a Dingle tingle, eh??


We like it and go for 7/10. Get the herby taste and also a slightly burnt aftertaste.


Very good indeed! :yum:


Manzanilla was my introduction to sherry, this is up there with the best I have tasted,


All that’s missing is Fungie…:grin:


This and Ewan’s foccacia comment are my fave tasting notes so far - and spot on from what I’m tasting! :smiley: :clap:


What would you serve this with? All I can think is ‘tapas’ and that’s not very imaginative…