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LIVE - #TWSTaste 22nd November - Battle of the Bottles



We are getting the herbiness and saltiness. Very fresh.


Oh it is changing, much more saltiness now.


Fungie is a fun guy!


But I think you’re spot on, I’d be tempted to even go with some delicate sashimi even


I’m having Gruyere and a mixture of nuts and it’s a perfect match


A consomme, rich and clear chicken and veg broth.


Collective noun for Community members?


It needs to be one of the wines in the Tapas Case on page 12 of the Christmas Gifts catalogue. Everything in the picture would be nice with this.


We’re not tasting the sherry today - we had it earlier in the year and to be honest it’s not to my taste (nothing to do with the wine, suspect more the style). We paired with all manner of salty snacks - it worked very well and did improve the longer it was in the glass


We would normally have a fino or manzanilla as an aperitif with olives. This has encouraged us to think a bit more like the Spanish in terms of food matching. We really like this wine, 8/10 from Southampton!


I agree - logic would thus dictate that it’s like having a foccacia blown in my face by a sea breeze. Sadly I’m not lucky enough to have experienced this yet, so this will have to suffice :joy: I’d definitely go for tapas with this.


I almost sprayed my screen with sherry…


I remember Jancis Robinson recommending somewhere that it will keep better in the fridge if you transfer it to a smaller bottle first, so ideally the bottle is full. :+1:


Aaaaand now I’m wishing I hadn’t had dinner early! #hungry! These are all great shouts. Good job we’ve got most of the bottle left for the weekend… :smiley:

Right, final thoughts everyone? How does this measure up to other Sherries you’ve tried? I really like it, but I think I might still prefer The Society’s Fino at a couple of quid less. It’s lovely though!


So already had the red with sausages, but now joining you with the sherry. The nose is lovely, getting the red apples and varnish etc.
But both of us reject it on the palate. Too dry and disappointing in the mouth


Definitely a salty cheese or some baked hake with lemon and herbs.


I really like this wine though it’s a different wine to the society’s fino. A bit more mellow.
I have not had many manzanillas but would buy again


Well, the other half finished the glass and enjoyed talking about it but has decided that it’s not her thing. Fair enough.

I’m enjoying it - so much flavour for the money - but I think it needs the right season and the right situation in order to fill a gap in my life.


OH here: over-ripe bananas just on the nose behind a smell of the sea. A sort of fresh lemon/seaside/hint of pear drops taste. I wish I had some oysters to drink it with.


I had a bottle like this in a restaurant once. My wife was pregnant and nobody else was a sherry fan, so I had the lot. We are out for dinner with the same group in a couple of weeks so I may order the same again!