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LIVE - #TWSTaste 22nd November - Battle of the Bottles



Yes, the Soc’s Fino is our yardstick against which all others are measured. It remains our favourite £for£. But is is nice to try different sherries and this fits the bill nicely. This is up there with La Ina which is the other dry sherry we upgrade to every now and then.


Just turn up the heating a notch or two :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Totally fair - it took me ages to get into dry sherry, years even. A switch in my head just flicked one day, so will keep my fingers crossed for your other half!


I really rate this and am kind of glad I wont have to share the rest of the bottle with anyone over the weekend :rofl:


Might try TWS fino for Christmas



Man’s a kneeler … sorry, sorry, I’ll get my coat now …


@Leah HA!! What on earth did you type to find that GIF? :joy:

@JD1892 you haven’t tried The Society’s FIno yet?! Oh, well if you like this then I think you’ll love it! :smiley: We always have a bottle handy in our house. :slight_smile:


I would have to blur that out…:rofl:


Made us LOL !


The empty glass smells like an old oak barrel after the first rinse.


We’ll move onto the red then, shall we? :smiley: :wine_glass:

(Before Leah tells us what she typed… :joy: )

Pour yourself a glass and let’s have a look and a sniff. Let us know if this is the first time you’ve tried this producer? Are you Barolo fans, in which case are you excited by this ‘baby Barolo’? Are you nebbiolo fans?


Thought we’d never move on - we finished an entire jigsaw waiting to start on the red :wink:


I’ve been looking forward to this!


Dark ruby red.


I see its aged 5-6 years :sweat_smile:


Lovely clear ruby red. Marzipan on the nose is my first impression - or cherry bakewell


some kind of spicy cherry on the nose


Still quite tight on the nose but showing a nutty earthiness with a morello cherry and light red fruits. Also has that classic tar.


We have Pavarotti on in anticipation


I get the spice too. Something almost woody on the nose as well