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LIVE - #TWSTaste 22nd November - Battle of the Bottles



OH here: cherries, but cherry pie specifically, made out of those tinned cherries in syrup mid 1970’s.


Yes to cherries!


Cherry Bakewell is a great shout! Maybe a bit of prune in there as well?


star anise maybe?


Yeah, ripe cherries. Something floral as well…?


Slightly different here …:rofl:


Cherry bakewell


I was thinking mint but you may have it there


more rose hip than the flower


You need to work on your music matching!


Grand Designs here. When did I hit middle age?!


Had some Dolcetto d’alba ( I think) from TWS last year and it was stunning. Lovely depth of colour here and the aromas I’m getting are dark red fruit like a slow cooked bramble or blackberry !


My word this is good.

That’s not very specific, is it…?


Nose: there’s definitely something quite herbaceous, almost medicinal, but also getting frangipane, cherry compot and a sweet raspberry note.
@hughcummin, I was supposed to be at his gig tonight so am drowning my sorrows :wink:


My one worder was clean! Even less helpful


I’m loving the cherries vibe, and definitely getting star anise @szaki1974! Maybe a slight hint of pot pourri - kind of lavender-esque?


I just said exactly the same - you beat me to it!


I know it hasn’t seen any oak, but I’m getting a hint of cedar


Yes to lavender! And some kind of baking spice.


Absolutely getting lavender… maybe that’s the herbaceous note I was picking up.