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LIVE - #TWSTaste 22nd November - Battle of the Bottles





There is a lovely structure to this, a nice dryness and bitter edge that definitive gets me going

@Bargainbob - completely agree with the cedar


I think its seen “clean” wood .


Dolcetto has a somewhat similar taste profile as Nebbiolo, even riper cherries perhaps


Really classy aroma. Ditto to all mentioning cherries. Not as floral as it’s been in previous vintages but makes up for it with herbal complexity and peppery panache. More than worthy of a Pete Tong pairing, @Leah!


This is the kind of paired wine you’d be served with a lovely back story at an elegant restaurant. Not sure what it’d pair with but the table would be wowed and someone would make a note to seek it out after the meal (and then probably forget)


Cor blimey! An awful lot going on, and we’re only on the nose! Dare I ask for your tasting notes? :smiley: Like last time, get as descriptive as you like (food matches, marks out of ten etc) and we’ll try and use some of your notes on social media later :smiley:


Just read the back of the label. Sorry but loses points for saying “… that only Nebbiolo vines can _gift _us”, Or is it just me :thinking:


Sorry - I jumped in early :blush:


Because they’ve drunk it all and stumble home forgetting to get a picture… !True story …


Here’s one I wrote earlier …


Happens every time…


Haha! Not to worry! You just got there first :wink:


OH here: agree, tastes rather like it’s nose, but sort of unexpectedly dry in the mouth, not gloopy or sweet. I like it. Describing things as what they are not is probably wrong.


I’ve been swigging it for the last five minutes but not conscious of a note.
Cherry and raspberry follow through onto the Forrest floor I suppose :+1:


If this wine was a song it would be Sade’s Cherry Pie


So been on the red for an hour or so. Initially we got a nose of tar and rose petals, but with a big cherry fruit. This follows on the palate and altogether a lovely wine. Savoury and dry end, this is a food wine.


The cherries are riper are on the nose than on the palate - some raspberry and maybe cranberry coming through as well. Refreshing acidity.


Silky stuff!

And the finish goes on and on…


I am with you on raspberry, lovely fruity sweetness (not sugary) and bone dry on the finish