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LIVE - #TWSTaste 22nd November - Battle of the Bottles



Warm and comforting wine. Cherries defo come through on the palate. This wine gives you a big hug.



LOVE it @JayKay! :smiley:

@AWomanwithaCellar - totally get what you mean by how surprisingly dry it is! But balanced for it!

@Bargainbob Ding ding ding! Cranberries is exactly what I was trying to think of - spot on! Almost like a cranberry juice finish! I wonder if it would be a match for turkey, akin to a dollop of cranberry sauce…?





hit the nail on the head, Bob


Damn you - I was going in with Buffalo Stance!


Palate, lovely length, would probably benefit from an all day decant as its still so young. The raspberries are coming through with a sweetness coupled with a sour cherry to balance. Good acidity and tannins with some further undergrowth tones. I think this will get better but would really good with food. Lots going on, on the palate…


That’s one for the trainspotters!



I am sure I should know, but who the fuck is that?


Good call! And I just happen to have bought two bottles :wink::wine_glass:


Yep this is lovely wine


Plenty of prune, damson and cherry fruit with a hint of vanilla for me. Tannins as expected for such a young wine, but better with food, I guess. Quite a full bodied wine and surprisingly long. The nose was a little tight for me, but my bottle hadn’t been opened for enough time… Lovely wine!


It’s the Ferenc Puskas of Leeds United … Trevor Cherry


Rubbish video though! He’s got a cleaver in hand for goodness sake! Just hit that robber🤪


Yeah I regret not decanting this one much earlier. It’s really good now, and getting better all the time. The glass I pour in an hour’s time should be a belter!


Ah of course it is!


What a patient man you are …