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Pets can be very handy when considering such things:


Welcome, Wendy and friends! I’ve increased you to ‘Trust Level 2’ - this just basically means you can post more frequently so join in to your heart’s content!


Okay, we’re all here?

I hope you’ve had a chance to read Ewan’s helpful notes about the white (in the first post, above) - why don’t we have a look and a sniff - let me know what you think? :smiley:


No nose??


Maybe me. Here with my partner and two friends who are also TWS members.


Pale to golden straw colour with nose of stone fruits like peach and apricot


Hi Michael - you’re upgraded to Trust Level 2 now as well! Post away! :slight_smile:


Ooh, it’s got that rice cracker thing I sometimes get from a gently-oaked chardonnay :+1:


difficult to define nose we think. honeysuckle, some spice, oak


apple crumble


Acacia honey and beeswax?


Mrs CC: hints of petrol for me.


Disclaimer: I’ve got the 2015… what a nose it has. Complex homemade honey with beeswax, hazelnuts and stewed ripe apples. Its stunning


Nothing much on the nose - hint of white peach; wet pebbles


Quite a restrained showing on the nose over here but quite a bit seems to be going on as it gets more air/warmth - honeysuckle, peach, beeswax, touch of pepper


That’s it! That’s what I was trying to identify!

I’m also getting some lovely juicy apricot and pear notes, some spice, all in all I’m a bit bewitched by it. Right up my street!


We’re struggling with the nose. 2 out 3 think petrol. Am wondering how acacia affects the nose.


Nose isn’t that expressive. Getting pear, bit of pudding spice


I’m getting scents of a pebble beach?


yes…a touch of white pepper