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I think mine’s a touch too cold for the nose to show its best.

Now, the name of the wine is suggesting that I stick it somewhere warm…


Ooh, I like it! I can see what you mean too. I’m also starting to understand @Herbster’s idea of the rice cracker!


I was wondering who would be the first to point that out! :rofl:


Wow, quite a bit of colour on it — mid gold. Interesting nose — I’m finding it moderately pronounced: floral (honeysuckle, apple blossom), tart apple (& apple tart), a bit of lime zest, peachy, stone & slate, a little struck match.


It has some similarities to a developed chenin on the nose.


Big shouts for pineapple in this house. And hay.

Rice cracker comes off the yeast we reckon.


We think evolving as it warms up… stewed pear


Ah yes, maybe that’s why mine seems so expressive to me - ours hasn’t been massively fridgeified, so I hope it’ll blossom a bit more in the glass for those of you who aren’t getting all that much.


Right, go on - I know you’re all dying to taste! Let’s see what you think…


Mrs CC: getting a bit of honey now as well



definitely savoury but we’re getting peach and apple as well


Great fruit acid balance, some of us think very similar to chardonnay… agree peach and apple


So you like it?:wink:


Yum. I think all the nice things that I’m missing from the cold nose are coming through on the finish.

Nice bit of tang on the palate. Is there a smidge of residual sugar there too…?


I can see why Meursault gets a namecheck in our note - ample, buttery and textured - but there’s a saltiness to the finish too that I really like.


Ahh yes, the finish is fanning out like a… erm, sheep’s tail?


Juhfark 2015: flambéed pear with a caramel and liquorice touch , honey again and the bitterness of hazelnut skins, full bodied and textured like a Pinot Gris.


Apple and hint of vanilla. Lovely zesty acidity and a nice long finish.


Must be shear pleasure.