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Ooh! Maybe that’s in line with @Sally’s pebble note from earlier!

I love this! Adds a nice extra dimension to the fat fruit and creamy texture. This is 100% my kind of wine and I’m gutted I didn’t buy more! :tired_face:


Mrs CC: it’s lovely with honey and mellifluous-ness I can’t quite describe, but with an edgy finish. Really like this.


Dry, rich, high acid, lovely acid-driven steely linear aspect, filled out with honey, baked apple, red apple, lime zest & bitter apricot, juicy peach, slate, saline, spiced - like clove & ginger almost. Pretty long.


Stop that, ewe!



Might sound odd but the finish is giving me slight flor characteristics. That bitter apple skin note with a bit of nuttiness.


^ NB that’s the note for the 2015 :wink:


We really like it. Going well with food. We’re thinking like a viognier because of the savouriness.


Make way for the 2017!


Definitely a foodie wine - what are people drinking this with?
Love the different comparisons being made - pinot gris, viognier, chenin, chardonnay… all on the fuller side and agree with all of them in different ways


Ooh yes, I was thinking it was a bit viognier-esque when I sniffed it! :smiley:

Anyone care to suggest some food matches for this? Or would you just savour it on its own?

Edit: Sorry, @martin_brown! Snap! :smiley:


eeehhh WINE???


We think unoaked Macon rather than Meursault. Opinions divided here. Jealous that we don’t have the 2015.


Definitely agree with that! An almost oily texture


Salmon and couscous nicoise. Good match.


Great on its own but we are enjoying this with a vegie pasta bake - pinot grigio and chardonnay memories in here - lovely, will purchase more :sunglasses:


Its really starting to take on secondary and tertiary flavours. Its really something :yum:


Googled food matches for this grape. So we are having broad bean and feta bruschetta c/o Jamie O.


Mrs CC: trying it with cheese and I really wasn’t sure what it would be like but it’s good with vintage gouda. OK with Edam, but not good with camembert.


That’s great to hear. That was the first vintage of this wine that we listed when Freddy’s predecessor as Eastern Europe buyer, Sebastian Payne MW, discovered it. Am very pleased we’re still listing it as I have fond memories of the '15 (also wish I’d bought more and kept - well played!)