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LIVE! #TWSTaste: Fine Wine Small Wonders, 8-9pm



out of stock?? you can’t do this to us :worried:


I know, David!! This was exactly the face I did when I found out this afternoon:

Fingers crossed we’ll get more, or at least the next vintage! :crossed_fingers:


Red has a cloves smell to me. Smells a little like Gluhwein


Mrs CC: slight hint of petrol and spicy: think cinnamon, cloves, mixed spice


Let’s all follow @Croquetchris’ lead and have a swirl and a sniff of the red. First impressions? :wine_glass:


Ach, bit disorganised here, still need to open the red.


Red berry fruit, ripe cherries, hint pencil lead


We’ve had ours sitting in the glass for an hour. Cloves, a bit of nail polish remover.


Not half as disorganised as me! I thought there was a bottle of the red waiting for me in the Showroom but due to crossed wires… they didn’t have it! So I’m Moric-less. :sob:

I’ll just be living vicariously through you all tonight…


That’s quick. Not cheating are you😉


What a fabulous nose.

Sorry, that’s not very specific.


Sweet strawberry and pomegranate followed by, liquorice, roses, parma violets somehow pulled together by a chalky cinnamon and allspice aroma. There a little eucalyptus hidden among the spices too.


We’ll just be finishing the white. Have a bottle of Trinity Hill Syrah on standby in case the red cravings come calling!


Med purple-ruby. Med+ nose: quite bright & tart: redcurrant, red cherry, an acetic edge, a little smoke/ash, cinnamon & clove spice.


Must be an Elvish thing.




Sorry everyone - my feline tasting ‘assistant’ was being most disruptive.

I’m fascinated to see how this one goes down with people as I am a bit of a fanboy when it comes to Roland and Moric, and am thrilled we’re stocking something of his.

I was chatting to one of my colleagues earlier who visited Roland at his home last year. It sounded a bit like stepping into an episode of Grand Designs but with wine all over the place - I am now very envious. The main thing she kept saying is what an incredibly passionate winemaker he is: a person who does things his way and not afraid to say what he thinks.

As for the nose, I think it’s just delightful - so delicate and red-berry fruited but some real school-desky clovey interest too


Ha ha … we are organised :smile:


Mrs CC: another couple of swirls and I’m getting a very faint hint of farmyard.


Yes, lovely fragrant spices among the fruits. This wine is getting me all inarticulate and weak at the knees.