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LIVE! #TWSTaste: Fine Wine Small Wonders, 8-9pm



Well, I’m very jealous already seeing as I don’t have the red, but the show must go on! So let’s see what you all think when you taste it!


Yup and that too. As soon as someone mentions something we smell it.


Mrs CC: masses of blackcurrant!


Stay with us @Herbster :joy:



Tinned straws and rasps from my bro. Smells like it is going to be sweet, in a nice way. Picking up the cloves and spice vibe.


This is like a cwtch in a glass. Lovely warm fuzzy finish.


Well well, another Burgundian comparison-fest. Burgundenland?! Spices, sour cherries, deft bright acidity, presence without weight… I fear I’m joining @Herbster in the giddy section of the party


we’re having hot smoked salmon and new potato salad which is doing very well!


Cwtch eh? I agree.


Sweeet cherry cola YUM


Ooh, that sounds divine! :grinning:

What’s everyone thinking as a food match for the red?!


we’ve got wild mushroom barley risotto


Well, it’s Austrian and it’s made my mind boggle, so it’s got to be a…



Dry, high acid, quite sour fruited - sour cherry, raisin, cranberry, a little spicy (clove, cardamom). Quite light on tannins but good grip. Med body, med- length.

Not sure what I’d eat with this - though it feels like a good foody wine!


The blaufränkisch, zweigelt AND pinot noir of drum solos!


we’re enjoying the combination of cherries, pencils and nail polish remover … reminiscent of a misspent sixth form


Well we are having English cheese - Red Fox Leicester, creamy Lancashire and blue Shropshire.


Mrs CC: good with vintage gouda and really good with sharp strong Welsh cheddar. Like the white, not good with camembert.


Do tell Sally !:wink: