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LIVE! #TWSTaste: Fine Wine Small Wonders, 8-9pm



|great with sourdough pizza and sundried tomatoes


Haha! That might be my favourite tasting note of the night!!

Does anyone fancy marking the red out of 10? :smiley:


Glad you said that — coz Deliveroo has that on the way!


^ Yes! My note of the night so far (along with the sheep gifs) :clap:


8, 5, 7


@martin_brown @laura

Do you guys stock this every year or is it a one-off? I’d love to be able to have a few of these knocking around on a semi-regular year-by-year basis…



This is the first Moric we’ve ever stocked, I believe! I sincerely hope it will not be the last, though


Like it — going for a 6 I reckon!


6-8 (6,7,8) here… good value we think


Too much sour cherry for me and Mercs - me 6; Mercs 7


This is edging 9/10 here.


6 and a 7 from us. Don’t know what the cat thinks. He is washing himself instead


We’ll go for an 8 on this one - hope this will remain in stock for a while. Great with stichelton blue - and more :cheese:


Ooh, they certainly both did pretty well tonight!

So before we wrap up and go and pour ourselves another glass, dare I ask you to pick a favourite?

  • Juhfark yeah!
  • Moric mania!

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Completely get that - it won’t be for everyone. I love that kind of flavour so am giving it a 9.

That’s the joy of wine: you can learn so much about it and learn how to taste how well made/typical/etc etc a wine is… whether you like it or not is often a completely separate matter!


We like it here. Quite tart, in a nice way. 8 to 8.5



What about marks for that drum solo? I’m going 10.


6,6,5 here.