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LIVE! #TWSTaste: Fine Wine Small Wonders, 8-9pm



Oh definitely 10 :heart_eyes:


I think the internet has just been won for today


Leah’s vote for Juhfark doesn’t count, drinking the wrong wine​:scream::crazy_face:


Damn right. I’ve got one of his instructional DVDs somewhere - it makes me weep bittersweet tears.


Mine doesn’t either seeing as I didn’t even try the red, haha! :smiley:


I am bringing the rest of this red into the office tomorrow - essential tasting! :joy:


Voted for the juhfark but also liked the moric! The latter is still opening up and smoothing out after an hour outside the bottle. We’re impressed with both of these, thanks :crazy_face: ps: your cat looks demented!


Definite 10. Good strong double bass, bright refreshing cymbal work and an excellent concentration of toms.



Well, what a night it’s been. Thank you ALL so much for coming along tonight! It’s been a joy and I hope you’ve had fun.

Join us for the next one in August - I can’t remember what the theme is but it might be to do with Wine Champs?! I’ll post details soon!


Great tasting folks — as ever a lovely way to spend an evening & lovely to try such unusual wines, & great they were!


Thanks for a good one - best wishes, David


The man’s a machine.

Now that’s my kind of workplace!


Exactly how I feel when I see/hear/am even reminded of Andy McKee


I had the casting vote on the white but lots of appreciation (and one 8/10) for the Moric


Lovely evening, thank you!


Great time and the hour flew by. I suspect poor @Freddy is getting a lot of requests when he gets off that plane back from the Antipodes! :joy:

And don’t start me off on Wine Champions - am sworn to secrecy and finding it rather tricky :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks for making it such a fun one, everybody. Hope it’s tempted a few more people to peruse the ‘Small Wonders’ section of our Fine Wine List as it’s a genuine labour of love for us! Night everyone


Yup. That was fun. If the Small Wonders are all that interesting we might have to open another cellar plan:money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


Have another drink………………:wink::wink: