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M&S Crazy wine bargains


Very tempted to go on a tour of local M&S stores…


They do it because:



Stick to general M&S’s with foodhalls rather than M&S Simply Food. Good luck with your hunting. One I’d recommend is the 2007 Vintage Port for £18. Not bad for a 9/10 scoring vintage on the TWS vintage chart.


Well I’ve just visited another M&S and walked away with 2 bottles of Hospices De Beaune 2015 Corton Grand Cru for £70 a bottle reduced from £140.

Now they paid €24610 for the barrel making it after conversion to around £74 per bottle for just the basic wine, without cellaring, taxes, bottling etc. This is a crazy price for Grand Cru Burgundy! Just as well in total I think I now have 5!


Made a point of stopping in at several M&S on Friday to break up the bank holiday traffic and see what I could find

Looks like I came to the party a couple of weeks late as across four stores (Fosse Park, West Bridgford, A1 retail park, Cheshunt) there were a combined total of zero bottles of fine wine with any kind of reduction :joy:

I did find this to taunt me next to an empty shelf though :rofl:

Imagine that combined with ‘buy 6 save 25%’!!


Sorry, but they pull most of the reductions as soon as the 25% offer comes on. Funny enough there was a fair few shelf POS labels still offering the deals left on Friday. Didn’t have the time or inclination to challenge at the till.

If I had there were Grand Plessis mags for about £13 and Brouilly for just over a fiver.


Hey, some amazing offers there. But please just check the condition of the bottles before you buy! I was in Leeds and their really nice wine is shoved under a very bright light and the bottles are rather warm to the touch! I don’t think warm enough to boil off some things, but still, really not a way to store wine for any length of time!

This seems to depend on the store and the layout. But the Leeds one was pretty much the perfect example of a terrible way to display wine. And given that the wine may, because it’s upwards of 14 quid, may sit on the shelves for a while, you really don’t know if it’s going to be affected… More expert people than me in the community can say.


Absolutely agree.
I go in that Leeds store and have actually put wine back down after picking it up due to the temperature.
Right next to where they bake the breads etc. Not ideal storage!


Yes, and the lights up above at the end of the row! Do you recommend any good places to buy wine in Leeds/ West Yorks?


Also agree, I’ve returned bottles to M&S (and other stores) before as they were clearly cooked from too much heat and light. Especially if you pick a more obscure or expensive wine that as you say almost certainly has been on the shelves far too long.


Not much in the way of ‘crazy bargains’ in my local M&S today - however, a wonderful find on the Sherry shelf - the Añada 1998 vintage Sherry from Lustau (I consumed the 2000 one over Christmas and was blown away by it!) reduced from £20 to £13.33… so it flew into the basket. Also managed to bag a favourite - 2017 Ascheri Langhe Arneis for £9 instead of £13.50

So not ‘crazy’, but certainly half mad bargains! :grin:


I like Latitude Wines in Leeds City Centre - really helpful and a decent range but with being a little independent, not the cheapest. If you sign up to their mailing list you get 10% off though.

Most of my purchasing however is through TWS these days.


This has been reduced before, to the same price. I picked one up about 6m ago.


I’d better keep a closer eye, then! Though this is the first time I saw it discounted at my local shop.


I am new to this site, got 4 of these bottles of Tokaji Aszu 2007 5 Puttonyos from M&S Matlock on Monday for £6 per bottle after it being reduced to £8 per bottle from £25 and getting the 25% discount for buying 6 bottles. The thing is, is it any good?!




Single bottle of this with a third off at £21. Great price for decent Barbaresco.


Yes it’s good. Got some 07 and 01 last year. Tried an 07, lovely. Will go on for some time at that sweetness level. There’s still some around.
Also Cluver Late Harvest Riesling. Cleared shelves (8 botts) of Filhot @ 10.50 at New Oscott, Birmingham store.


Today in M&S Simply Food in Epping: Ch Barrail 2016 marked as reduced to £6.67 on the shelf but checked out at only £4. It also comes in a rather gimmicky box that converts to a small wine rack! The wine is OK especially at this price.


Probably would have cost more than £4 just for a wine rack like that!


few silly ones today in MK ( @Jcmwooldridge CMK branch, nothing in Kingston, not checked MK1)