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M&S Crazy wine bargains


Thanks for the heads-up. Will pop in tomorrow to check it out. Have had the Oloroso @ £6 in the past and thought it good value then! The port deals look amazing!


OMG!!! What is up with that company?!! Have checked out 3 local stores and either nothing left or nothing worth buying, but those Port offers are fantastic - virtually free!!


dont take them all…


Damnation. I now have to make a trip to M&S today in the hope of bargains.


Yikes! I paid £13 for this fab 1998 Sherry (which in itself was a ridiculous price)… But at £5 would have got 2 or 3 even… ah well! There’s bound to be a ‘next time’ :slight_smile:


Yesterday in St Albans M&S

Steenberg Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc NV (Western Cape) £5 reduced from £15. No price tag on shelf, I had to ask, which is probably why the shelf wasn’t cleared before.

This is made by traditional secondary fermentation in bottle but doesn’t bear MCC name because it wasn’t aged on lees as per MCC rules
fact sheet - https://www.steenbergfarm.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Steenberg-Sparkling-Sauvignon-Blanc.pdf


Sadly none of the reduced port in Cheltenham, but 5 bottles of the sherry now on the way home. Couldn’t resist the Grand Plessis mag at £13 either, though sadly 2017 rather than 2016.


I left one bottle of Warres on the shelf :joy:


£5 in Bristol city centre, Picked up by my better half.


They had the Warre’s at the M&S Food store outside town at Gallagher Retail Park, Cheltenham earlier today.

There was a space on the shelf with a sticker for £33. When asked, they had 5 in stock. Took 3 which checked out at £10 each. Off chance they may still have the other 2.

They also had the fizzy SB mentioned above for £5 but not much else.


and then there were none !


Once again I checked my local big M&S today and the shelves were bare (of anything interesting anyway). The way they are allocating these bin ends is either very random or they think there are no wine geeks in my area.


I firmly believe some of these companies think the population north of Nottingham are either heathens or savages or both :sweat_smile:


Nottingham?? Sure it’s north of the M25 where we heathens start?


If it’s any consolation I live in commuter-belt Surrey and I’ve never found any of these “give-away” bargains in my local M&S either. Some decent offers from time to time - for example I bought a bottle of the 2007 port last week for about £13. Good price but a long way from £6!


Is there any view as to whether these bargains are available in small, food-only, stores or only all department stores?

I didn’t realise there was a second M&S in Cheltenham. Is Gallagher Retail Park on the Tewkesbury Road as if one is going to Sainsburys?


I don’t think they’re in simply food stores. Even worse wine selection in these


I think it just depends on whether you strike it lucky. I’ve been fortunate and have managed to pick up a variety of good deals in the Newcastle area generally at the larger stores (Silverlink and City Centre) over the last couple of months including:

Vintage Port 2007 - £6 (was still showing at original discounted price)
Justino’s Madeira 10 YO - £5 (as was this)
Royal Palace Colheita 2002 - £5/6 (as was this)
Quinta Cavadinha 1998 - £10
HDB Mersault Genevieres £30
Gevrey Chambertin Caves de La Colombe £15
The Bolney Estate, Blanc de Noirs Brut £11

Bank balance isn’t happy but I am - I just wish I had deeper pockets to have secured more!!


I got three steenberg and two oloroso for the grand total of £23. Nothing else though.


I got my Sherry and Arneis (and in the past, other reduced delights) in a smallish M&S ‘Food Hall’ off the Ditchling Road in Brighton (so on the outskirts of town). I really have no idea how these bottles are allocated. It seems that something in this universe is definitely random.