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M&S Leoville las Cases offer


I passed on those in Tunbridge, mainly as I was buying so much other stuff but it’s also supposed to be an average vintage. That said I was sorely tempted and it could have been a mistake…


I’m gonna tuck them away for a few years if I can. 2013 seems to be well regarded for the Northern Rhône.

But yeah, there were plenty of other tempting options!


About 18 months ago I bought a bottle of KWV Cape Tawny from the Wine Soc. Very good reviews. Sadly it is no longer stocked. Much to my delight I bought a bottle in my local M&S Food for £7 (reduced from £10) yesterday. Also bought a 50cl bottle of Coteaux du Layon for £5 which will accompany the Roquefort on Sunday night. Should be a welcome change from the weekly d’Yquem!


Oh, how I’d love to get bored by the weekly d’Yquem!! :grin:



Well done Sir!
The Society listed and sold this Cote Rotie for £31/bottle.
It sold for £39/bottle in France.
It is apparently a 4* wine according to J L-L.
It’s drinking window opened in mid 2016.
You have scored!!


Just saw these three in M&S in Wimbledon this morning all 1/3 off. Might go back for the Gigondas (is the 2015).


Since this has become a general thread for M&S wines, has anyone tried their Margaux? It’s a rather generic looking bottle, shiny gold front label, looks from the small print that it comes from one of the Lurton clan, I think maybe Henri of Brane-Cantenac fame. No idea if it comes from leftover classed-growth barrels or bought-in grapes though.

Let me dig out a photo…

I’m wondering because our local branch has the 2015 in magnum for about 40 quid, and that year was such a belter for the southern Médoc that even a slightly nameless bottling such as this might be worth grabbing and tucking away for a few years.

Any experience of it?


I’ve had both the 2009 and 2010 - both pretty good. I think I got them for £20 each and they were good value at that price.