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M&S Leoville las Cases offer


I woz robbed! Ah well.


You mean … you mean you live near CHESHIRE OAKS :scream::scream:?? Soooo jealous :weary:!


Funny, like all these things, live 5 minutes away, but never go there! My idea of haute couture is Georgio d’Asda. :grinning:


Not sure. But it probably is at £29. Take it to the till and find out. I thought I was buying at £43.


Well I know we could be best friends … especially when Karen Millen has a sale, I’m sure you would t mind just nipping down for me … I’ll PayPal you :rofl::rofl::rofl:!


Leah,more than happy to grab something if you want. Let me know.


the downside of living near Cheshire oaks is that you live near Ellesmere Port - giveth with one hand and taketh with the other

I used to work for one of the companies on the descriptive Oil Sites Road!


Me too! Happy days.


my happy days were when I was leaving HQ and heading back down south :rofl:


I did so well they sold the site to a ‘University ‘…


I wonder if this discounting signifies M&S’ exit from the finer end of the wine market. I picked up some 75cl Filhot Sauternes for £10.50 this morning (down from £30). They’re going to be taking quite a hit on that, and likewise with some of the other discounts mentioned above. Presumably there comes a point where they just don’t bother to stock this kind of thing any more?


Yes, I also think they’re trying to rationalise their wine buying philosophy and to realign themselves in a very competitive market.

Like @herbster I took advantage and bought a bottle of the Cote Rotie ’ Le Combard ’ 2013 which they must have been selling at a loss, when I looked back at EP prices, to try that night. It was excellent, still young, in good condition, with lots of potential.

I promptly returned the next day and cleared the shelf. Apologies to bargain hunters in SW Herts.


Maybe they are too…:joy:


So did I and didn’t like it at all. Thin and sour.


I also found the wine sour but in a sourly ripe way, which I like. Sweetly ripe I struggle with, if that makes sense.

Didn’t find it thin though, a bit tight, yes. Mine had good body, fresh acidity and some furry unresolved tannins and nothing iffy ( no brett ) , kind of what I was expecting from a young(ish) Cote Rotie.


Do you think it may not have been stored correctly and had been “cooked”?


Possibly - my mate down the road had a similar experience with another bottle, bought at the same time.


Now we know why it was so cheap :smile:

If more than 3 complaints about quality, discount 30% :smiley:


Well finally got a few bargains of my own.
Marksman Rose £12
Margaux magnum £19
Best of all Pol Roger 2008 £19
Also Jean Pascal Puligny les Chalumeaux £20


No f***ing way!