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M&S Leoville las Cases offer


WHAAAAAAAAAT! :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

I went into mine at lunch time and there was hardly anything :cry:


I’m going to my local one tomorrow! Who knows what pleasures await… :star_struck:


Lots of the 2015 st aubin 1er Cru available at £11 which is a very good price for the appellation. I haven’t tried one yet but the Henry Fessy Coteaux Bourguignons seems a good luncheon quaffer for £4.75 (apparently £3.17 in some stores) Lustau vintage Oloroso 1998 / 2000 £13.33 (50cl) is an excellent price for such quality. I had a bottle at Xmas and thought that at £20 it was good value. And Darting estate TBA practically being given away at £7 a half.


Picked one up too. The price on the ticket says £40 but get to the till and it’s only £19! Amazing


Well worth a detour via M&S at Fosse Park this evening. Having previously drawn a blank at my local store. I managed to pick up three of the 2015 Volnay Premier Cru for £29 each and four of the 2011 Filhot for £10.50 each. Still a good amount of Filhot left. Also a lot of Grand Cru Chablis reduced to £22. Sadly not enough budget to add those…

The Cuvee Blondeau is (according to the Hospices de Beaune catalogue) a blend of Les Champans, Taille Pieds, En L’Ormeau and En Roncerets. Good vintage too.


I hate living in London for these things… never such sales here at M&S


Or if there is a sale the shelves get empty very very fast.


It’s probably the staff :weary:


I opened that 2012 Beane last night. On the basis there are 5 bottles left, and if it was nice I’d be after some more.

It had a wonderful perfume, the nose was just lovely. Lacking a little on the palate I think, but its probably slightly over the top and not having been stored correctly probably developed quicker.

Reckon it was worth £29 for the nose alone - but not the original £65.


Empty shelves on anything of interest in Sevenoaks. But just leaving and spotted these 2 bottles at front of store. Reduced to a fiver. Just noticed 1 is '13 and other is '14.


My local one definitely had a few bottles of the Paul Cluver last time I popped in. Why, oh why didn’t I get any?!!
Will rectify this error this morning, as planning to see what bargains, if any, are left in the Brighton branch. Fingers crossed!


I just went back in mine. Didn’t get another Beane, opted for a magnum of Bourgoyne PN for £16 instead. Down from £30+. Should be good for in the garden this summer at some point.


Yep, grabbed myself one of these for a fiver today! Plus a Jura Chardonnay, an Elqui PX and a Vista Flores Malbec. Not much to choose from in Yeovil, but I wanted to join in the fun…!


Is this a dry version of a PX? They can make really interesting dry wines!


Yeah, and the small print says it’s made by Viña Falernia, so should hopefully be a good example :+1:


I had this one - probably about a year or so ago, from Majestic:

I couldn’t believe it was the same grape! It was so fresh, crips and citrusy. Shame they don’t stock it anymore… but see if my local M&S has the one you got! :crossed_fingers:


Tiz easy to spot, the ‘PX’ takes up a lot of the front label!



Some success.
Picked up:
1 x 2015 Margaux Magnum £19 down from £40
3 x 2015 Brocard Chablis 1er Cru Vaucoupin £11 down from £25
1 x 2016 Marananga Dam GMS from Torbreck £8.66 down from £13
1 x 2000 Lustau Anada £13.33 down from £20


I picked up one of those today.

No sign of any Pol Roger 2008, Filhot shelf empty. Nothing else grabbing my attention, but thank goodness I have a WS order arriving on Tuesday :smiley:


Well, not a huge ‘success’ perhaps, but certainly not empty handed either. Couldn’t see any of the Margaux magnums (was really hoping there was one at least!), none of the Pol Roger and I wasn’t too bothered with buying the Filhot, though there were a few there, but ended up with:

The last two 2014 Camel Valley Classic Cuvee Brut (reduced to £9- usual price £26, I think!)
2 x 2011 Marqués Del Romeral Gran Reserva reduced to £12 from £19
2x 2014 Paul Cluver (still £5 instead of £17 -it’s unbelievable!)
2x PX Elqui Valley - at £5.66 seems silly not to get at least a couple bottles for some summer fun! Glad @Herbster pointed it out!

No Burgundians of either hue to be seen, and although there was a nice looking Vacqueyras and an interesting looking Collioure - the cup overfloweth as it is… so left them for another lucky shopper. :+1: